Bullies’ brains are different

An international team of neuroscientists scanned the brains of lifelong bullies and found something grim: Bullies’ brains appear to be physically smaller than other brains.

“Our findings support the idea that, for the small proportion of individuals with life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour, there may be differences in their brain structure that make it difficult for them to develop social skills that prevent them from engaging in antisocial behaviour,” said lead author Christina Carlisi, a researcher at the University College London…

The study found that the brains of people with lifelong patterns of “stealing, aggression and violence, bullying, lying, or repeated failure to take care of work or school responsibilities” were different, physically, from those of the other participants…

A key exception: The brains of people who exhibited anti-social behavior as teenagers but not as adults showed no such abnormalities. That’s good news for reformed bullies, but bad news for the lifers.

And if we’re dealing with bullies who make it to the top tier of American government – not surprising – you have to wonder if small distorted brains correlate with small hands and other smallish bits, eh?

One thought on “Bullies’ brains are different

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