Industry pimps want reduced rules for Tricholoroethylene. Science says it damages fetal hearts. Guess which side Trump supports?

John DeSesso was on a mission when he entered the halls of the Environmental Protection Agency in late September. Inside the ornate limestone building not far from the White House, he met with a dozen EPA scientists and officials…

For the past 40 years, DeSesso, a biochemist, has…primarily earned his living…as a contract scientist for chemical companies and their trade associations, promoting their positions on toxic chemicals from arsenic to Roundup…

For years, DeSesso and his chemical industry sponsors had been preoccupied with trying to undercut the findings of a 2003 University of Arizona study. That study, led by veterinary scientist Paula Johnson, had been a landmark in establishing that TCE exposure at trace levels was highly toxic to developing embryos. The Johnson study had been pivotal in past EPA evaluations of TCE’s risks…

(The) official evaluation was released for public comment last week, and it appears to show the influence of DeSesso and his chemical company sponsors. Dismissing the findings of the Johnson study and decades of scientific research, the published evaluation rejects fetal heart malformations as a benchmark for unsafe exposure levels to TCE.

Worse than that, it now appears that the body of evidence passing through the diluted remains of the EPA under Republican control still provoked agreement that even trace exposure to TCE was unsafe, could deform fetal hearts. So the Trump White House ordered the EPA to overrule their own scientists.

One thought on “Industry pimps want reduced rules for Tricholoroethylene. Science says it damages fetal hearts. Guess which side Trump supports?

  1. eideard says:

    Such dangerous crap! I went through a truly scary experience with TCE…over 60 years ago. Although industrial chemists realized the dangers, it was present everywhere.

    Working as a line mechanic for the company that invented aerosol packaging, 2 of us were caught by a tank failure of chilled liquid propellant, with beaucoup TCE. Drenched in gallons, we were immediately dragged off to the changing room and thrown into the showers, clothes and all. Allowed to undress and eventually change after thorough scrubdown.

    Aside from the initial examination, the firm picked up the tab for a required re-exam every 6 months for several years. And it’s not just cynicism that I can say they were worried about lawsuits filed after we died. Obviously, I made it. As I recall, the other mechanic – who inhaled some of the TCE – didn’t make it to 30.

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