Weekend Update

From Margaret Lyons [one of my favorite TV critics]…

Well the good news is, we all have a lot more TV watching time on our hands. The bad news is … basically everything else. Sports are mostly canceled or postponed — except for the Iditarod dog sled race, which I am following closely again this year. Theaters are dark, museums are closed, and it looks as if it might be this way for a bit. My streaming subscriptions are about to get a real workout.

Have a hygienic weekend.

I’ll second that emotion.

Oh…the Julia Child pic? To remind me I’m moving baking my weekly loaf of bread from Monday to Saturday. No special reason, whatsoever.

Saudis ready to dump cheap oil by the boatload — and more!

Saudi Arabia’s state-run shipping company has hired multiple very large crude carriers to carry all the extra oil it plans on exporting next month—a rare move indeed for the shipping company that sports its own fleet of 41 tankers, according to Bloomberg sources.

Bahri, as the Saudi’s shipping company is known, has booked passage for its crude oil on three VLCCs, each with the capacity to haul 2 million barrels of crude. The preliminary bookings are heading to the US Gulf Coast, the sources say—but the bookings could still fail…

Next month, Saudi Arabia has plans to increase shipments of crude to its prized market, Asia, who will be more than happy to take on more oil at the substantial discount that the Saudis are selling their oil for as part of its oil war strategy. However, trips from to the US take 40 days, and Bahir’s own tankers would not return to Saudi Arabia in time to load these extra volumes.

But all that could change in the blink of an eye.

More tankers. More oil. Cheaper retail. What could possibly go wrong?

London Fox = Mammal Photograph of the Year

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The Mammal Society has announced the winners of the (oddly-specific) Mammal Photographer of the Year competition, awarding the top prize to an amateur photographer from East London who captured a local fox staring him down through a car’s windscreen, looking for food…

The overall winner and 2020 Mammal Photographer of the Year is amateur photographer Roger Cox…

Br’er Fox ain’t afraid of any human peering back at him through the windscreen.