Crook-in-chief ready to pardon his favorite crook

His master’s voice

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday that he is “strongly considering” a full pardon for former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

In the tweet, Trump claimed that “the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has ‘lost’ the records of General Michael Flynn.”

The President appeared to be referencing a claim made by Flynn’s lawyers back in September that there was an internal Department of Justice memo that cleared Flynn of being a Russian agent — a memo that the prosecution could not produce.

A government lawyer on the Flynn case said those claims are irrelevant, noting they did not accuse Flynn of being a Russian agent. It was not immediately clear Sunday why Trump was referencing the exchange.

And then there’s this:

Attorney General William Barr ordered a review of Flynn’s case last month.

The Fake President’s Fearless Flunkies at work trying to hide their crimes.

Photos updating What Would Jesus Do?

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If you’re into conceptual photography, you often have to keep an open mind and a playful imagination to come up with the best ideas for a project. A perfect case in point is London-based photographer, retoucher, and CGI artist Chris Clor. Clor came up with an interesting and humorous take on the imagined scenario of Jesus Christ and some of his disciples finding themselves in the modern world.

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