Human beings can be frightened…little animals…

At The Outdoorsman of Santa Fe, which bills itself as Northern New Mexico’s largest firearm retailer, shotguns and ammunition were flying off the shelves.

“That rack is usually full of basic pump-action shotguns — all gone,” salesman Jay Winton said last week as he pointed to an empty rack in the store at DeVargas Center. “People … want to defend their home from the ravening hordes that they’re convinced are coming, so we’re selling lots of ammunition, lots of firearms.”

Winton said a couple came into the store about a week ago specifically talking about the coronavirus.

“They wanted to have a shotgun in the house for when the infrastructure collapses,” he said. “Human beings can be frightened, dirty little animals when they get scared, and that’s kind of what we’re seeing right now.”

Winton is no expert, but the professionals agree.

Two things:

1. This is excerpted from a long article about EVERYTHING associated with the confusion over COVID-19. This segment is just at the end.

2. You may as well understand I’m neither anti-gun nor anti-gun ownership. Before I moved West I lived in an area reknowned as the Arsenal of America. I grew up with firearms, My extended family always had someone working in gun manufacturing. Because of that history, I grew up handling guns, understanding use and abuse of firearms, respecting the need for required regulation of manufacture and ownership by consumers. That last bit is unfortunately missing in portions of the United States.

I’m still a gun owner. Used to love handgun target shooting. Haven’t hunted in decades; but, I still own a few guns including a very nice 12-gauge shotgun. And people who buy firearms in a panic…governed by fear…scare the crap out of me!

3 thoughts on “Human beings can be frightened…little animals…

  1. Luke 22:38 says:

    New Mexico: “Confusion, anger on right as gun shops not considered essential”
    “To many gun owners and would-be first-time buyers, the shutdown of gun stores is a big problem, Republicans say.
    A handful have said publicly they believe the coronavirus pandemic could cause a breakdown in society or widespread looting. And they want to be prepared — with guns and bullets.
    “Many people are feeling even more vulnerable in these uncertain and turbulent times,” Republican Party Chairman Steve Pearce said in a statement. “The blanket order for nonessential business is understandable, but we believe the inclusion of gun stores as non-essential should be reconsidered to allow people to purchase protective firearms.”
    Alexis Johnson, a vocal, pro-gun Republican candidate running for the state’s 3rd Congressional District seat, has said she can’t sleep at night without ammunition.”

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