Fake President’s Spiritual Adviser is Raking in Buck$ from the Coronavirus Crisis

Last Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin warned senators that the outbreak of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and the massive recession that likely will take place might cause the unemployment rate to balloon to 20 percent. (He later walked back that dire prediction.) The same day, the president’s spiritual adviser, Paula White asked her followers for private donations to bankroll her private church, which she described as a “hospital to the sick”—the metaphysically sick, that is.

Since October, White has served as the special adviser to the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives in the Trump Administration. During a coronavirus-themed “prayer session” that she delivered to her online congregation, she conflated the coronavirus outbreak—a quickly-spreading pandemic which has infected more than 6,000 Americans and by Wednesday had killed 146—with the fundraising needs of the City of Destiny, an Apokpa, Florida, church in which she holds a prominent position.

Though she clarified that donations wouldn’t actually go to help those infected, White used medical imagery to add urgency to her fundraising plea during a pandemic. “Every single day we are a hospital to the sick, not necessarily the physically sick,” she said. “But we are a hospital for those who are soul sick, those who are spiritually sick.” White went on to suggest that contributors offer a $91 donation, citing Psalm 91, or “maybe $9 or whatever God tells you to do.”

A crooked politician palling around with a hustler peddling religion. Not original. Not novel in the GOUSA. Unfortunately.

3 thoughts on “Fake President’s Spiritual Adviser is Raking in Buck$ from the Coronavirus Crisis

  1. Faith Offering says:

    US pastor arrested for holding services amid coronavirus lockdown : Florida police say a pastor deemed his megachurch an essential business, held Sunday services with hundreds of people. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/03/pastor-arrested-holding-services-coronavirus-lockdown-200330195903028.html “On March 18, the church called its ministry an essential service, just like police and firefighters, and said it would keep its doors open.
    In a Facebook video Sunday, Howard-Browne said, “It looks like we’re going to have to go to court over this because the church is encroached from every side.”
    “This is really about your voice. The voice of the body of Christ,” he said.
    As recently as last year, Howard-Browne’s church hosted an event with Paula White Cain, who was named an adviser leading President Donald Trump’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative. She’s also an unofficial spiritual adviser to the president.”

  2. Babble study says:

    “Trump’s spiritual adviser called for ‘all satanic pregnancies to miscarry.’ It was a metaphor, she says.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2020/01/26/paula-white-miscarry-metaphor/
    “Evangelist who mocked coronavirus response as anti-Trump “mass hysteria” dies from COVID-19 : He was likely already infected when he posted a misleading meme that claimed that media coverage of the ongoing pandemic was a political attack on President Trump.” https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2020/03/evangelist-mocked-coronavirus-response-anti-trump-mass-hysteria-dies-covid-19/
    “Trump-loving megachurch begs followers to pack into the pews amid coronavirus outbreak: ‘If we die — we die for Christ’ https://www.rawstory.com/2020/03/trump-loving-megachurch-begs-followers-to-pack-into-the-pews-amid-coronavirus-outbreak-if-we-die-we-die-for-christ/

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