Trump says China “should have told us” about coronavirus

He removed the official meant to do that…

Dr. Linda Quick

A US epidemiologist was embedded with the Chinese CDC. The Trump administration discontinued the position.

The US had been cooperating with Chinese doctors this way for 30 years.

…Quick led a program that trained Chinese epidemiologists in methods for discovering, tracking, researching, and containing diseases — like Covid-19.

She reportedly came back to the US after being told her position would be discontinued in September 2019 in part due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China, and chose to return early, in July.

Once she came back to the US, she was not replaced by the US or any other foreign government, leading to a series of events that Bao-Ping Zhu, who held Quick’s position during the Obama administration, told Reuters was “heartbreaking to watch.”…

Essentially, governments around the world might have been able to begin responding in early December, when the first Chinese cases were reported, rather than in late December, when China informed the World Health Organization it had begun to notice cases of a novel illness.

Frankly, problems like this roll out weekly – if not daily – not only because the Fake President and his Bubbas have no respect for science, they’re simply too dumb to understand the role science has played in the advancement of everything from economics to healthcare.

France Transfers Coronavirus Patients On High-Speed Train

In a first for Europe, 20 critically ill coronavirus patients were evacuated aboard a fully medicalized, high-speed train.

The patients were transferred from the hard-hit eastern region of France, where hospitals are operating at overcapacity, to the western Loire Valley, where facilities still have plenty of beds…

“The eastern region is now at the peak of the wave,” Dr. Lionel Lamhaut, who is in charge of the operation with the French rail operator SNCF, told France 2 television. “Every region will experience this in the coming weeks, but at different times. The idea is to take advantage of the lag times between regions and to transfer patients from the hard-hit to lesser-hit areas.”

The French railway system’s TGV trains boast smooth rides, in which passengers only feel a slight surge as the train accelerates to 185 miles an hour. Lamhaut told French TV the ride is much smoother than a helicopter — another quick alternative to transfer critically ill patients — and said patients will be stable, allowing medical personnel to perform emergency care aboard the trains, if needed.

If they can continue to stay ahead of the curve – with the coronavirus peaking in different provinces at different times – doctors hope to bring the most needy patients to the relative safety of hospitals with a lower incidence of the pandemic.