One thought on “WARNING: Explicit lyrics – like, “Stay the fXXk at home!”

  1. Pedant says:

    500-year-old manuscript contains one of earliest known uses of the “F-word” : The Bannatyne Manuscript is an anthology of some 400 medieval Scottish poems.
    The profanity appears in a poem recorded by a bored student in Edinburgh while under lockdown as the plague ravaged Europe—something we can all relate to these days. The poem is getting renewed attention thanks to its inclusion in a forthcoming BBC Scotland documentary exploring the country’s long, proud tradition of swearing, “Scotland—Contains Strong Language” .
    [UPDATE 4/7/2020: Kristin Uscinski, a medieval historian at the State University of New York, Purchase, wrote in to inform us of an even earlier appearance of the F-word in the English language, “Roger F$#%-by-the-Navel who appears in some court records from 1310-11.

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