Protect our elections against the pandemic

At least seven states have postponed their presidential primaries in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

That has raised concerns about the other states that have state elections and federal primary elections planned for later this summer – and of course the general election in November.

The main concern, in terms of the pandemic, is that elections cause people to congregate at the polling places on Election Day. If it’s not safe to be within six feet of someone outside your immediate family, it’s seems ill-advised to line up with all your neighbors to check in, or to visit a small voting booth someone else was just in, or to pick up the same pen or touch the same touchscreen they used just moments ago…

To hold elections without delays, the obvious solution is to let people vote elsewhere, at other times.

RTFA. Useful, easy to accomplish suggestions. The difficulty will be the fumble-fingers Congress.

Many of the pimps for Trump – no surprise – simply call for the presidential election to be canceled. Get round to it sometime that seems easier on the Fake President.

2 thoughts on “Protect our elections against the pandemic

  1. Daniel 5:5 says:

    “In a Monday morning interview on “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump explicitly said that congressional Republicans opposed expanding voting access in the coronavirus stimulus package because it would hurt them politically.
    Referencing proposals from Democrats in the coronavirus stimulus negotiations that would have vastly increased funding for absentee and vote-by-mail options, Trump said “The things they had in there were crazy, they had things — levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again, they had things in there about election days, and what you do…and it was totally crazy.”

  2. Cassandra says:

    “As President Trump ramps up his unfounded attacks on mail balloting as being susceptible to widespread fraud, postal employees and union officials say the changes implemented by Trump fundraiser-turned-postmaster general Louis DeJoy are contributing to a growing perception that mail delays are the result of a political effort to undermine absentee voting. ”
    “A day after President Donald Trump faced withering, bipartisan blow back for floating the idea of delaying the U.S. presidential election, a senior White House aide* condemned the year-long postponement of an election in Hong Kong as undemocratic.” [* White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany]
    “Citing Election Delay Tweet, Influential Trump Ally Now Demands His Re-Impeachment “
    “What Happens If Trump Refuses to Step Down If He Loses the 2020 Election? What If He Contests the Voting Results?”

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