One thought on “TV for Idiots

  1. Backstory says:

    At a White House coronavirus briefing late last month, Donald Trump became visibly annoyed. Jonathan Karl, ABC’s chief White House correspondent, had pressed him about ventilator availability. The president snapped back with “don’t be a cutie-pie” and don’t act like a “wise guy”. This was not the pair’s first rodeo. Their paths first crossed back in the mid-1990s.
    Back then, Trump was cementing his status as a tabloid legend and Karl was a cub reporter with Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post. As part of the real estate mogul’s perpetual circus, he granted Karl an interview about Michael Jackson’s honeymoon in Trump Tower. Meditate on that.
    Now Karl has written a book. It is an attempt to capture the madness that is the Trump presidency and the danger to democracy it poses. Aided by measured prose and healthy skepticism, Karl succeeds.
    Well-organized and respectfully written before the pandemic, “Front Row at the Trump Show” conveys the chaos and the characters that inhabit the president’s universe.

    ‘It’s an exhausting story’: Jonathan Karl on his up-close view of Trump

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