Will the Pandemic Change Consumer Behavior?

Barry Ritholtz rocks!

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Amazon has prioritized essential services as it is overwhelmed by consumer demand. All non-essential items are being delayed (although the subscribe & save seems to be still doing timely deliveries) The unprecedented demand is helping some retailers while potentially leading to the end of others.

We don’t know how much of this is temporary, but I would surmise that some of the changes in consumer behavior will become permanent.

Cripes! Now that I see this distribution of purchases, no wonder I couldn’t find my favorite King Arthur flour anywhere in recent weeks. People are starting to bake their own bread big-time.

2 thoughts on “Will the Pandemic Change Consumer Behavior?

  1. Estragon says:

    Grocery delivery was supposed to be the ultimate pandemic lifeline. But it’s falling short.
    Consumers are reporting weeks-long waits on Instacart, Shipt and other leading platforms as demand far outpaces the supply of available workers and groceries. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/04/15/grocery-delivery-coronavirus/
    …the system is cracking under the weight of surging demand, and an incommensurate supply of workers and groceries. Shoppers throughout the country are reporting weeks-long waits on platforms like Instacart, Shipt, Peapod and Amazon’s Prime Now, fueling ongoing frustrations and questions about how, or when, the outlook might improve. Delivery workers say they are under growing pressure, too, with many going on strike in recent weeks to protest the lack of protective gear and demand higher pay.

    Pascal Campion, “Lifeline”

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