US officials at W.H.O relayed real-time coronavirus information to Trump

Sgt. Schultz quotes Trump

A group of US officials working at the World Health Organization headquarters transmitted real-time information about the novel coronavirus directly to the Trump administration, US and international officials told the Washington Post.

The reported line of communication undercuts President Donald Trump’s assertion that the virus’ spread in the US largely stems from a lack of communication from WHO…

A spokesperson for the US Department of Health and Human Services, Caitlin Oakley, confirmed to CNN on Sunday that 17 staff members from HHS were working at WHO in the outbreak’s early days. In January 2020, she said, HHS had 17 staffers at WHO — including 16 from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some of these “embedded” experts, but not all of them, were working on Covid-19, Oakley said.

No matter how you slice it, our fake president is looking for a scapegoat to cover up his incompetence. He and his patent-leather flunkeys will do and say anything to direct attention away from information that came to the United States from several sources – from the first days of the coronavirus plague in Wuhan.

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