You can catch a coronavirus from farts

Speaking on the Coronacast podcast Dr Norman Swan said people should avoid farting near one another to stop the spread of coronavirus. He added it was everyone’s responsibility not to pass wind close to another person and “that you don’t fart with your bottom bare”.

The unusual discussion came after the government revealed on Friday it would be testing local wastewater as part of an ongoing monitoring and early warning system for coronavirus outbreaks…It’s been found that people infected with coronavirus shed fragments of the virus in their faeces and this can be detected in wastewater.

Responding to the question about farts, Dr Swan said clothing provided some protection from coronavirus, like a mask…“We wear a mask that covers our farts all the time,” Dr Swan said, referring to people’s underpants and clothes.

Who knew?

2 thoughts on “You can catch a coronavirus from farts

  1. BREAKING NEWS says:

    Odor in The Court:
    “Following a viral video appearing to show Rudy Giuliani experiencing flatulence on camera during a Michigan election hearing on Wednesday, a state lawmaker has confirmed the fart was real.
    There were two instances of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney appearing to pass gas during the hearing.
    State Rep. Darrin Camilleri said both farts did indeed happen and were not edited into the video.”

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