Republican Party policy on voting = “Not if we can stop it”


Trump and his pimps are trying as hard as they can to end a government service that supports access to communications, bill paying, voting rights.

5 thoughts on “Republican Party policy on voting = “Not if we can stop it”

  1. Heads up says:

    Ignoring warnings from election officials, Trump again suggests supporters should try to vote twice
    President Donald Trump suggested to his supporters on Friday night that if they vote by mail they should also attempt to vote in person as a way to check that their vote is counted, which risks causing chaos at the polls and undermining confidence in the election.
    “How voter intimidation and suppression have evolved since the 15th Amendment”

  2. Jerry Fletcher says:

    Severed cable takes out Virginia voter site on registration deadline : High site traffic was predictable. The cable literally being cut, not so much.
    The outage is hopefully a temporary blip in an otherwise robust election season for the commonwealth. Thanks to a combination of pandemic concerns and expanded voter access laws that took effect on July 1, early in-person and mail-in voting in Virginia this year has already smashed all previous records for the state. Almost 17 percent of all registered voters in Virginia, more than 975,000 individuals, had already cast their ballots as of October 11.

  3. Trumpistas says:

    Videos show closed-door sessions of leading conservative activists: ‘Be not afraid of the accusations that you’re a voter suppressor’ (Washington Post Oct 14, 2020)
    Videos provided to The Post — covering dozens of hours of Council for National Policy meetings over three days in February and three in August — offer an inside view of participants’ obsessions and fears at a pivotal moment in the conservative movement. The videos, recorded by CNP to share with its members, show influential activists discussing election tactics, amplifying conspiracy theories and describing much of America in dark and apocalyptic terms.
    Marcus Owens, a lawyer who led the Exempt Organizations Division at the IRS from 1990 to 2000, told The Post that participants’ comments on the videos raise potential issues of compliance with election laws and charity rules. “I’ve never seen anything like it on videotape and live,” Owens said, referring to the overt partisan coordination among the nonprofit leaders. “It’s almost like a movie.”
    Council for National Policy:

  4. Bilagáana says:

    “For the Navajo Nation, ‘Everything Takes Time,’ Including Voting : Post offices are few and far between on the reservation, and mail can take a week and a half to reach the county seat. In this year’s election, that has more profound implications than ever before.” ” (NYT 10/15/20)
    “…At more than 18,000 square miles, the Arizona portion of the Navajo Nation alone is larger than any other reservation in the country. But it has only 27 postal locations, some of them open just three or four hours a day.
    This is roughly equivalent to having 13 mailboxes in the entire state of New Jersey.
    In many states, outside groups would be allowed to collect voters’ sealed ballots and deliver them to the county recorders’ offices, but that is illegal in Arizona. (The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that this ban violated the Voting Rights Act in part because it disproportionately affects Native Americans, who face so many barriers to returning their own ballots. But Republicans appealed the case to the Supreme Court, and it will not be resolved before the election.)

  5. So it goes... says:

    “The California Republican Party will not be complying with Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s cease-and-desist order to stop use of their unofficial ballot drop boxes, GOP officials told reporters on a call Wednesday. Party officials claim the drop boxes are legal under California’s ballot harvesting laws.”
    “The Trump Administration Is Using an Under-the-Radar Tactic to Suppress Votes”
    “Donald Trump Wants Judges to Throw the Election to Him. Buckle Up.” “Trump is supercharging a vote suppression strategy pioneered by Roger Stone decades ago. His legal stunts won’t work if Joe Biden resoundingly defeats him. But if the election is close, expect litigation until the bitter end.”
    See also “Freed by Court Ruling, Republicans Step Up Effort to Patrol Voting : Officials seek to recruit 50,000 poll watchers and spend millions to fight voter fraud. Democrats say the real goal is to stop them from voting.”

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