Thai police latest to turn Teslas into patrol cars

We are starting to see Tesla vehicles becoming quite popular with police departments all over the world…

At this point, there are about a dozen police departments going electric with Tesla vehicles and now the Model 3 is the one becoming most popular with police departments.

Earlier this year, the Bargersville, Indiana, police department started updating its fleet to Tesla Model 3 vehicles after they realized it would be much less expensive to drive electric.

The Model 3 Standard Range Plus version that they bought is a little more expensive than their usual Dodge Charger at ~$41,000, but they expect gas savings of about $6,000 per year, which means that the Model 3 will almost pay for itself over its lifetime (they expect six years as a police vehicle)…

Now the Thai police also see the advantage of going electric with the Tesla Model 3.

According to documents first reported by Blink Drive, the Thai police bought a fleet of 7 Model 3 vehicles and turned them into patrol vehicles.

Cripes. Even in the small community we live in there already are a couple Model 3’s. They cost about the same as I’d have to shell out to replace my 26-year-old pickup truck with new.

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