Tesla uses the cars they sell…like computers

Volkswagen CEO Hebert Diess has admitted that Tesla has a significant lead when it comes to software and its use in its self-driving program, according to leaked internal communications.

Tesla pioneered over-the-air software updates in the auto industry.

At first, it was touted more as a smartphone-like feature that enables your car to have a better user experience over time.

However, Tesla’s use of over-the-air software updates has evolved, and it is also now at the center of the automaker’s effort to achieve a fully self-driving system.

But what is of greater concern for VW’s CEO is Tesla’s use of software in its Autopilot program:

“What worries me the most is the capabilities in the assistance systems. 500,000 Teslas function as a neural network that continuously collects data and provides the customer a new driving experience every 14 days with improved properties. No other automobile manufacturer can do that today.”

No shit, Sherlock. At least, Hebert Diess recognizes the qualitative change wrought by Elon Musk. He’s brought motor vehicle production into the realm of digital management. He built-in a feedback loop providing information using conduits every competitor should be using to update their products. And using them to provide frequent, near-live data…if not live. Built into the vehicle operating system.

9 thoughts on “Tesla uses the cars they sell…like computers

  1. Fanboy says:

    “Tesla Loses Over $14 Billion in Value After Elon Musk Goes on Tweeting Spree” https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/elon-musk-twitter-tesla-value-drops/
    In 2018 Elon’s tweets about Tesla’s future on the New York stock market led to regulators fining him $20 million and agreeing to having all future posts on the platform pre-screened by lawyers. This also resulted in the removal of Musk as chairman of the Tesla board. https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/elon-musk-tesla-tweet-labor-violation/
    Other Automakers Paid Tesla a Record $354 Million Last Quarter : Automakers buy regulatory credits, and a lot of them, from Tesla in order to comply with emissions regulations around the world. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a32346670/other-automakers-paid-tesla-record-354-million/
    (3/18/19): “Tesla is in effect a modified Ponzi scheme. Throughout its history, the company has financed its operations by announcing a new product (originally the roadster, then the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3, the Semi, the roadster 2, and now the Model Y as well as the vaporware full self driving package) and then taking deposits for the product before it has ever designed a production system for the product. The company then spends the deposits on operating expenses and the capital expenses to manufacture the original product. When the company is close to running out of funds, the company announces a new product and takes deposits on it in order to finish the production of the first product. Since 2008, 78% of TSLA’s cash flow from operations has come from customer deposits!” https://www.dropbox.com/s/ycs1bzznlzapqly/TSLA%20writeup%20VIC%203%2017.pdf?dl=0

  2. n00b says:

    Hacker buys old Tesla parts on eBay, finds them full of user data : Data can be retrieved even after owners perform a factory reset, researcher says. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/05/hacker-mines-passwords-locations-and-more-from-retired-tesla-infotainment-gear/
    “It looks like some service center employees sell intact units on the side instead of returning them (I imagine they just create a record of destruction/disposal internally),” the researcher said in an interview. “I know some people running salvage yards that say that’s one source of units they have for sale.”
    Tesla representatives didn’t return an email asking what the company’s policy is for handling MCUs that are removed from vehicles.
    “…(this) discovery reveals a risk posed not just to Tesla owners but drivers of virtually any vehicle that has onboard devices that store personal data or provide remote tracking.”

  3. Whitehat says:

    “A few years ago, a hacker managed to exploit vulnerabilities in Tesla’s servers to gain access and control over the automaker’s entire fleet. https://electrek.co/2020/08/27/tesla-hack-control-over-entire-fleet/
    In July 2017, Tesla CEO Elon Musk got on stage at the National Governors Association in Rhode Island and confirmed that a “fleet-wide hack” is one of Tesla’s biggest concerns as the automaker moves to autonomous vehicles. https://electrek.co/2017/07/17/tesla-fleet-hack-elon-musk/
    He even presented a strange scenario that could happen in an autonomous future: “In principle, if someone was able to say hack all the autonomous Teslas, they could say – I mean just as a prank – they could say ‘send them all to Rhode Island’ [laugh] – across the United States… and that would be the end of Tesla and there would be a lot of angry people in Rhode Island.”
    What Musk knew that the public didn’t was that Tesla got a taste of that actually happening just a few months prior to his talk.

  4. 实事求是 says:

    US electric-car maker Tesla has started to recall 48,442 vehicles in China, citing defective parts that could increase the risk of accidents. … The automaker promised to replace defective parts free of charge, while advising users to drive carefully before their cars are fixed. https://www.shine.cn/biz/auto/2010258400/

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