USA managed to kill thousands more than expected from COVID-19

In the early weeks of the coronavirus epidemic, the United States recorded an estimated 15,400 excess deaths, nearly two times as many as were publicly attributed to COVID-19 at the time, according to an analysis of federal data conducted for The Washington Post by a research team led by the Yale School of Public Health.

The excess deaths – the number beyond what would normally be expected for that time of year – occurred during March and through April 4, a time when 8,128 coronavirus deaths were reported.

The excess deaths are not necessarily attributable directly to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. They could include people who died because of the epidemic but not from the disease, such as those who were afraid to seek medical treatment for unrelated illnesses, as well as some number of deaths that are part of the ordinary variation in the death rate. The count is also affected by increases or decreases in other categories of deaths, such as suicides, homicides and motor vehicle accidents.

But in any pandemic, higher-than-normal mortality is a starting point for scientists seeking to understand the full impact of the disease.

IMHO, responsibility for the excess, accountability for the death of thousands more than should have been expected, lies upon the head of the incompetent and phony we have occupying the White House as President of the United States.

I spent a significant portion of my life in New Haven, in and around the Yale community. Hard to miss if you’re in that Connecticut city and active in any portion of cultural life. The institutions formed by that university play an even greater role in the life of our nation and, in fact, the world. The Yale School of Public Health deservedly owns that characterization.

RTFA. Learn stuff. Maybe even act politically this autumn to rid our nation of corruption and crime at the head of government.

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