Anti-Vaxxers the latest loonies trying to undo pandemic protection

The protest on Friday in Sacramento urging California’s governor to reopen the state resembled the rallies that have appeared elsewhere in the country, with crowds flocking to the State Capitol, pressing leaders to undo restrictions on businesses and daily life…but, the organizers were not militia members, restaurant owners or prominent conservative operatives. They were some of the loudest antivaccination activists in the country…

“One of the things that we’re finding is that the rhetoric is pretty similar between the anti-vaxxers and those demanding to reopen,” said Dr. Rupali J. Limaye, who studies behavior around vaccines at Johns Hopkins University. “What we hear a lot of is ‘individual self management’ — this idea that they should be in control of making decisions, that they can decide what science is correct and incorrect, and that they know what’s best for their child.”…

“There is a tremendous amount of cross-pollinization of ideas as these factions get to know each other,” said Devin Burghart, who runs the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights…For example, an adherent of QAnon, a group of conspiracy theorists, was among the first to spread the canard that Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, was behind the creation and spreading of the virus as a means to grab control over the global health system. People opposing mandatory vaccinations quickly picked up on that theme, and Mr. Gates has become a new boogeyman of the far right.

RTFA. Please. The loonies are drawn to each other like spawning grunion. The numbers impress the average politician who ain’t about to spend time on sophisticated analysis or conscientious solutions. It will take informed citizens – as usual – to hold Congressional noses to the grindstone.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers the latest loonies trying to undo pandemic protection

  1. Doc says:

    “What, Exactly, Do the COVID Protesters Want? An Open Letter to the Unmasked Men and Women Marching on State Capitols”
    Meanwhile: “A team led by New Mexico scientists says the strain of COVID-19 we are dealing with now, is much more contagious than the original version that arose in China. It can even infect someone again once they have recovered.”
    “A new study spearheaded by Los Alamos National Labs shows the virus mutated and became stronger when it reached Europe in February. It spread to the U.S. from there, becoming the dominant strain worldwide. On top of the potential to reinfect, the newer strain also spread faster and creates more of a virus in the body.
    According to the report (see link) research on vaccines and treatments so far has been largely based on the genetic sequences of earlier strains and might no longer apply. The report does not indicate that the new strain is any more deadly with hospitalization rates remaining about the same.”

  2. Cassandra says:

    “Protesters Block COVID-19 Vaccination Site In LA” (1/31/21)
    “Anatomy Of A COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory (July 2020)
    “Bill Gates Warns That a Next Pandemic Could Be 10 times Worse : The Microsoft co-founder explained that humanity is not prepared for the next pandemics. He also commented on how we could deal with them.” (1/28/21)

  3. Doc says:

    In his new book, ”Preventing the Next Pandemic: Vaccine Diplomacy in a Time of Anti-science”, Peter Hotez observes that there are some five hundred Web sites spreading anti-vaccine misinformation, whose assertions are further disseminated on social media and on e-commerce platforms. “The largest e-commerce platform of them all, Amazon, is now the most active promoter of fake anti-vaccine books,” he writes. “Go to Amazon books, click on ‘Health, Fitness, and Dieting’ on the scroll down menu at the left, and then click on ‘Vaccinations’ to see how legitimate books on vaccines are pushed behind by the fake ones.” He finds that the online sensorium is so clogged with misinformation that it is now hard for concerned parents to find trustworthy data: “Serious and meaningful information regarding this topic resembles a lost message in a bottle floating aimlessly in the Atlantic Ocean.” Action is urgently needed; measles cases are spiking in Europe, and the W.H.O. has identified “vaccine hesitancy” as one of the world’s most urgent health issues.
    “The Politics of Stopping Pandemics : Even before the COVID-19 crisis, global instability had caused a worrying rise in epidemics. Medical science alone won’t be able to turn the tide.” (New Yorker Magazine April 5, 2021 issue)

    ‘How many anti-vaxxers does it take to misinform the world? Just twelve.
    A majority of anti-vaccine propaganda can apparently be traced back to a handful of people. While de-platforming them is sometimes appropriate, there is a bigger, better solution”

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