Debate over a long-time public service called the Post Office

Republicans want privatization, Trump wants to stick it to Amazon.

…The Trump administration…appears to be specifically hostile to the idea of a Postal Service bailout. Its distaste for a postal bailout merges ideological conservatives’ generic preference for postal privatization with the president’s hang-up about the idea that the USPS is giving Amazon a sweetheart deal on shipping.

In general, there are a lot of complexities to the long-term postal policy picture in the United States, but the immediate crisis is actually pretty simple: Mail volumes are plunging, taking USPS revenue down with them. And unless something is done relatively quickly to make up for those lost revenues, it’s hard to see how significant layoffs and service reductions can be avoided…

…At the core of that entity is a two-sided bargain. On the one hand, the Postal Service gets a monopoly on the provision of daily mail services. On the other hand, the Postal Service undertakes a series of public service obligations that a private company would not provide — most notably, daily mail delivery and flat postage rates regardless of where you live.

RTFA. Some discussion. Some debate. I see nothing useful in ending a public service that only has private alternatives that cost American consumers a boatload of money.

4 thoughts on “Debate over a long-time public service called the Post Office

  1. nicknielsensc says:

    My usual response to those advocating for USPS privatization is to ask if they’re willing to pay the taxes to cover $7 postage for everything government mails to them: license renewals, jury notifications, registration renewals, tax bills, etc.

  2. 204b carrier says:

    “Inside the Radical Republican War on the Post Office : How the Trump Administration Is Using the Pandemic to Gut the Postal Service and Hand It Over to Corporate Cronies”
    “Postal Service dying from 1,000 cuts and a GOP stab in the back”
    “The Human Toll of Radical Republicans’ War on the Post Office : Overworked Postal Service Workers Face Disease and Job Losses; 3,800 Sick, 25,000 Quarantined”

  3. Kiss of death says:

    The Decades-Long Battle to Privatize the Post Office Could Be Coming to a Head
    “One congressmember said it would be “a stunning act of sabotage” if the new head of the US Postal Service is allowed to push through major changes. Big Trump donor—surprise—Louis DeJoy issued a series of memos, disclosed to the Washington Post, calling for significant operational changes, including restrictions on overtime that many, including the Postal Workers Union, contend would slow down mail delivery, at the same time as Donald Trump holds up crucial pandemic support for USPS, contingent on it making steep price increases. “Sabotage” starts to sound like quite an apt description.”
    “Postal Service memos detail ‘difficult’ changes, including slower mail delivery : Analysts say the memos recast the USPS as a business rather than a government service” (Washington Post July 14, 2020)

  4. America held hostage: day 1,376 says:

    Delivery delays during an election can’t be unlawful, because the Constitution doesn’t guarantee states any particular level of service when it comes to mail-in ballots, the U.S. Postal Service told a federal judge.
    Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and President Donald Trump are seeking dismissal of a lawsuit brought by New York and other states that claim disruptive changes at the USPS over the summer are violating the Elections Clause of the Constitution by putting election mail at risk.
    …The Postal Service also blasted the states for suggesting that Trump’s negative comments about mail-in voting — including claims, without evidence, that the practice leads to widespread fraud — had anything to do with the changes put in place by DeJoy, a longtime Republican donor with no previous USPS experience.
    Fox News put the United States Postal Service to the test ahead of the 2020 elections.
    As part of a special investigation, senior correspondent Eric Shawn, the I-Unit and others sent 500 envelopes from more than 50 locations throughout the country to test how quickly they traveled between addresses, and to a single destination in New York.
    A little more than two percent failed to reach their destinations, including nine envelopes that have not been delivered more than a month later.
    The U.S. Postal Service Was Designed to Serve Democracy : The 2020 Election Could Depend on Its Success

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