Trump’s flunkies really believe everyone is as corrupt as they are

The blivet setting ethical standards for the GOP

President Donald Trump believes that the coronavirus death toll is being exaggerated, Axios reported Wednesday…The news site further quoted two anonymous senior administration officials as speculating that hospitals might be misdiagnosing patients with the novel coronavirus to get extra money from Medicare.

Medicare is offering a 20% bonus for coronavirus patients because hospitals have had to pause a lot of their routine care and procedures that bring in revenue…

Experts say that if anything the coronavirus death toll is being underreported because many people are dying without being tested, and some states are not counting “probable” coronavirus deaths in their totals. Coroners have even been asking for test kits to get more accurate coronavirus numbers on the dead.

But, then, no one in the Trump Mafia is “expert” in anything other than stealing from the public till.