Trump wants retirees to cut their own social security benefits to survive the pandemic

Wearing this flag as a mask doesn’t mean you’re not a thief

“The Administration literally wants working people to decide whether they prefer to put food on the table now or when they retire. Meanwhile, wealthy corporations and individuals continue to reap billions from the 2017 tax breaks and even billions more in bailouts and tax cuts from the recent pandemic stimulus legislation.

“The federal government should be helping everyone weather this crisis, not just the rich and well connected. But this administration has repeatedly shown it is bound and determined to use the pandemic as an excuse to slash Social Security benefits and gut the Social Security system. Whether it’s eliminating Social Security’s dedicated funding stream by cutting the payroll tax or asking people to ‘voluntarily’ forgo the retirement benefits they have earned over decades, the result is less retirement security for all.

No doubt some of the fools who voted for Trump will also think this is a great idea. I know of a bridge in Brooklyn they can buy for very little money that is just as sound an economic offer. Guaranteed to provide them with the sort of retirement security – they deserve.

One thought on “Trump wants retirees to cut their own social security benefits to survive the pandemic

  1. Gray Panther says:

    Social Security benefit cuts could be coming — here’s who it will affect first
    How suspension of payroll taxes spells trouble on Social Security “Donald Trump, by executive order and with no endorsement from Congress, suspended collection of payroll taxes on workers from September 1 until year end and pledged, if reelected, to seek to cancel those taxes.”
    “Fact or Fiction: Congress Stole From Social Security? Did lawmakers really begin comingling Social Security dollars with general government spending back in the late 1960s?”

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