Is Trump hiding a stroke?

Michelle at posted a video excerpt that makes me suspicious. Here’s her commentary:

Check out this short 7-second clip below (it’s the 2nd video – I’m unable to post it alone due to the way it was tweeted) when trump took a short break during his West Point Military Academy Graduation Speech. This is recent, too, as he held up the bible just fine in front of the church on June 1st. He’s been stumbling over many words for some time now. But this totally looks like he’s had a stroke when he has to use his left hand to lift the water glass he’s holding in his right hand. This is a very good sign that trump will be gone soon.

And here’s the link directly to her post.

3 thoughts on “Is Trump hiding a stroke?

  1. Raymond L Koenig says:

    I think it’s more along the lines of Parkinson’s. After reading your post I decided to take a look at some footage of Trump at the podium, at the Memorial Day event and What not.
    I am in the early stages of Parkinson’s and I noticed many similarities to my self as far as symptoms go.
    If you watch him he is always in motion when he stands and does not have a podium or railing to grasp.
    Sometimes it’s more pronounced than others but he is always moving. This seems to indicate that he is on medication. When you have Parkinson’s you have “on time” when your meds are working. You also have “off time” usually after you meds start to wear off before your next dose.
    It also causes insomnia which might explain the all night tweet storms. The speech difficulties can also be a sign of the disease. There are many more symptoms including mental problems as well. In it’s latter stages 50% of patients will either develop a paranoid psychosis or dementia.
    Dollars to doughnuts he has it and is being treated.

  2. Raymond L Koenig says:

    This is the link to the Memorial Day event.
    Also I have had a sudden weakness in my arm and damn near dropped my coffee pot, also Parkinson’s.

  3. Update says:

    “Trump tweet about ‘mini strokes’ spark speculation about president’s health”
    “The president was responding to a new book that reported Vice President Pence was on standby in the event Trump was incapacitated during an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last November.”
    “Trump goes after Drudge over rumors of ‘mini-strokes’ : The president’s campaign also called for CNN to fire Joe Lockhart, saying he had spread the story.”
    “Trump’s Claim He Didn’t Have a Stroke Would Be More Convincing If He Didn’t Constantly Lie About Everything All the Time”

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