New Mexico sorted COVID-19 with science, good sense. Come and make movies, y’all!

When the movie industry ramps back up, states will be competing for their business. the COVID-19 pandemic may actually help give New Mexico an edge. That’s largely because of the state’s coronavirus response which has made it one of the safest places for productions to shoot.

From Transformers to the Breaking Bad franchise, New Mexico has served as the backdrop for dozens of major films and TV shows. One local filmmaker believes a lot more are on the way. “It looks favorable to us because we’re going to health wise look like a better place to shoot,” says Film Crew Trainer Grubb Graebner.

The coronavirus outbreak has halted film productions for the past three months. Graebner believes once productions get the green light, many of them will head to New Mexico first because it’s safer. “They have the choice of going to shoot in New York where cases are going up. LA where cases are going up or shooting in New Mexico where cases are going down,”…

Same as it ever was!

3 thoughts on “New Mexico sorted COVID-19 with science, good sense. Come and make movies, y’all!

  1. Old Gaffer says:

    “New Mexico’s film industry in preproduction” (Albuquerque Journal 8/16/20)
    “Despite a monthslong shutdown, the New Mexico film industry brought in nearly $400 million in direct spending to New Mexico in fiscal year 2020.
    According to the New Mexico Film Office, the direct spend of $396.8 million was less than the record, $525.5 million recorded in fiscal 2019, yet still topped three of the past six fiscal years.
    The fiscal year 2020 ran from July 1, 2019, through June 30.
    According to the NM Film Office, there were 80 productions during fiscal year 2020. Of those, 27 projects had a New Mexico budget over $1 million.
    Preproduction on film and TV projects is slowly starting to roll out in New Mexico – all being required to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.”

  2. Norteño says:

    While no film projects are shooting in the state as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose risks, state officials have given the OK for crews to prepare for production — a sign the industry soon could return to business almost as usual.
    Film companies will have to follow specific guidelines created by a New Mexico industry task force and also must adhere to the governor’s public health rules for all businesses in the state, which include a face mask mandate, social distancing and frequent hand-washing.
    Bruce Krasnow, a spokesman for the Economic Development Department, said in an email, “Aspects of the film and television industry are already back to work, including pre-production work, set construction, location scouting, etc., with required COVID-safe practices in place.
    Industry insiders, including film union representatives, launched a task force during the shutdown that drafted a 22-page white paper on how to safely restart productions when the state reopened the industry.
    See also “O’Reilly Auto Parts, 4715 Airport Road, was fined $79,200 for violating the state’s COVID-19 mask requirements, the New Mexico Environment Department announced Wednesday.”

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