First Black World Champion F1 Racing, Lewis Hamilton – #BlackLivesMatter

Went down to Hyde Park today for the peaceful protest and I was so proud to see in person so many people of all races and backgrounds supporting this movement. I was proud to be out there acknowledging and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and my black heritage. I was so happy to see people of all ages, sporting Black Lives Matter signs and saying it just as passionately as I was. I was also happy to see so many white supporters out there today in the name of equality for all. It was really moving. I’m feeling extremely positive that change will come, but we cannot stop now. Keep pushing. #blacklivesmatter

Keep the shiny side up, the rubber side down! Keep winning, everywhere.

12 thoughts on “First Black World Champion F1 Racing, Lewis Hamilton – #BlackLivesMatter

  1. El Chueco says:

    “Even in 2020, motor racing is a sport with all-too little diversity. Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is the only black F1 driver I’ve seen compete in the 25+ years I’ve been watching the sport. NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace similarly stands out in a field of more than 40 full-time Cup series racers. But before either of them turned a wheel in anger, Willy T. Ribbs was blazing a trail in the sport. His is a story that deserves to be more widely known, and if you have a couple of hours free you can do just that by watching Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story, an engaging documentary that’s streaming on Netflix.”
    “Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story” [teaser]

  2. Dixie says:

    “NASCAR provided a graceful response Monday to one of the most repugnant acts in the sport’s history, as hundreds of drivers and crewmen united behind Bubba Wallace and pushed his car to the front of the line in a touching pre-race ceremony at Talladega.”
    “But the noose left in Wallace’s garage Sunday in Talladega, Ala., also showcased how far NASCAR – and our society – still has to go. That noose is a reminder to everyone that issuing a few progressive-sounding statements just doesn’t cut it. Racism is an insidious cancer, one that has to be stamped out by action and not words.
    That this happened at all was shocking. How did someone get into a restricted NASCAR Cup area Sunday in Talladega, Alabama? How did they put noose in the garage of Wallace, the only Black driver in NASCAR’s highest level and the driver who led the charge to ban the Confederate flag from all NASCAR properties earlier this month?
    The FBI is investigating.”

  3. Michelle says:

    Bubba Wallace, NASCAR, put “Black Lives Matter” on his car and has been wearing a shirt with “I can’t breathe” on it. He also found a noose in his garage….

  4. Puzzling Evidence says:

    FBI: ‘Noose’ found in Bubba Wallace’s stall at Talladega Superspeedway is door pull rope in place since October : Federal authorities say since the rope had been there for months, there was no way anyone could have known the stall would be assigned to NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace this past week. (Fox News)
    NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace tweeted out a statement on Wednesday about the supposed noose found in his garage, saying that he’s “relieved” to know it wasn’t meant for him, but embarrassed by the mixup after the FBI ended its hate crime investigation.

    Photo released by NASCAR:

  5. Never forget says:

    “One of the last, and most horrific, public lynchings in America took place in October 1934, in the Florida Panhandle, where a crowd of as many as 5,000 gathered to watch what had been advertised hours earlier in the local press. Claude Neal was burned and castrated, had his genitals stuffed into his mouth, and was forced to tell his torturers that he enjoyed their taste. After he was finally dragged to his death behind a car, his mutilated corpse was urinated upon by the crowds, and then hung from the Marianna Courthouse.”
    See also Lynching of Claude Neal

  6. Provocation says:

    “President Trump on Monday said NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace should apologize to those who stood beside him after his racing team discovered a noose in his garage at Talladega Superspeedway on June 21, describing the incident as a “hoax.” Trump added an assertion that the Wallace incident combined with NASCAR’s ban on the Confederate flag at its races have led to historically low television ratings for the stock-car circuit.”
    “Donald Trump calls Bubba Wallace noose situation a ‘hoax’ despite plenty of facts to the contrary”
    NASCAR’s ratings skyrocketed after their banning of the Confederate flag, upwards of about 100 percent. Ratings have also been up overall since the sport’s return.

  7. Update says:

    “Challenger, champion, change-maker : The real Lewis Hamilton story” (BBC)
    “Lewis Hamilton set the world on fire on his very first serious run in a Formula 1 car.
    …And now, he is the most successful driver in the history of F1. He broke Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 wins last month, has equaled the German’s record of seven world championships – and has every chance of adding an eighth next year.
    This is how he did it.”

    (video: “Lewis Hamilton’s Cooldown Lap In Full After Record 92nd Win | 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix”)

  8. Mike says:

    Motor racing star Lewis Hamilton has been targeted by racist abuse online after winning the British Grand Prix over the weekend.
    The seven-times world champion celebrated a record eighth British Grand Prix victory on Sunday at Silverstone after fighting back from a 10-second penalty for a first-lap collision that ended up with title rival Max Verstappen in hospital.
    In a joint statement, Mercedes, Formula One and motorsports governing body FIA condemned the abuse of Hamilton “in the strongest possible terms” and sought punishment for those guilty.

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