80% of Covid-19 cases in the US went undetected in March

A new study suggests that as many as 8.7 million Americans came down with coronavirus in March, but more than 80% of them were never diagnosed

A team of researchers looked at the number of people who went to doctors or clinics with influenza-like illnesses that were never diagnosed as coronavirus, influenza or any of the other viruses that usually circulate in winter.

There was a giant spike in these cases in March, the researchers reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine…

The researchers could not count every single case, so they ran a series of calculations to make sure their data fit in with what’s known about state populations and about the annual flu epidemic, as well as with the hard data that was collected from actual testing of coronavirus patients. They also took into account growing evidence that people started avoiding hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices once it was clear there was a pandemic, and after pandemic lockdowns started.

Just one more failure in transparency, information-gathering and honesty that will keep political historians busy cranking out analyses and reports for decades — telling the tale of the worst president in American history.

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