Conservative Creeps try once again to ban end-to-end encryption

Most overused tent-peg mallet in Congress

A group of Republican senators are making yet another attempt to ban end-to-end encryption in messaging services, which would make illegal Apple’s Messages and FaceTime services, as well as a wide range of other message apps like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.

No surprise, either, that they are again demonstrating that they don’t understand how end-to-end encryption works…

“Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham…and U.S. Senators Tom Cotton…and Marsha Blackburn…introduced the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act, a bill to bolster national security interests and better protect communities across the country by ending the use of “warrant-proof” encrypted technology by terrorists and other bad actors to conceal illicit behavior…”

Service providers – don’t provide access to end-to-end encrypted messages because they can’t. That is, literally, the whole point of end-to-end encryption: it protects privacy by ensuring that only the parties involved in the communication can decrypt the contents…

I wonder sometimes why these idjits haven’t gotten round to attempting to ban, say, flashlights or even more new-fangled tech, like cameras. They can all be used by someone, somehow, to break laws.

One thought on “Conservative Creeps try once again to ban end-to-end encryption

  1. n00b says:

    “‘Tweet-tastrophe’? It could have been. Twitter hack reveals national security threat before election”
    “After hackers managed to take over a wave of high profile accounts on Twitter by leveraging access to an internal tool, Senator Ron Wyden is highlighting that the social network has not implemented end-to-encryption for direct messages, even though the company previously explored the idea.”
    “As Motherboard reported on Wednesday, an internal tool for Twitter workers was behind the spike of account hijackings. The tool allowed users to change the email address linked to an account; hackers could then request a password reset through the newly linked email and access accounts that way.”

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