Thanks, Governor Michelle –

Have to admit it’s nice having a politician sitting in the governor’s mansion with sufficient brains to overcome the sillyass tendencies of most of that breed here in USA, USA.

Regulations based on science, medical expertise, have been in place here in New Mexico since the beginning of this pandemic. A little bit of easing showed up when it looked as if it might be OK – quickly slowed when it became clear that petit bourgeois fools like Trump and his ilk were condemning this nation to hundreds and thousands of unnecessary deaths.

They won’t be prosecuted for murder. They should!

7 thoughts on “Thanks, Governor Michelle –

  1. Situational awareness says:

    The New Mexico Environment Department’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau has ordered a Walmart Supercenter in Las Cruces to close after four employees tested positive for COVID-19 in three weeks.
    The state Environment Department now is requiring the store to test all of its workers and thoroughly disinfect the building. They also are urging customers who visited the Las Cruces location since June 22 to get tested for the coronavirus.

  2. Norteño says:

    “As Arizona struggles, neighboring New Mexico found a more cautious path to sustained growth : The two states took much different paths in May toward reopening their economies, and Arizona’s aggressive approach appears to have backfired.” (Washington Post 7/21/20)
    “Arizona has seen almost three times as many coronavirus cases as New Mexico, after adjusting for its much larger population. It’s one of the worst rates in the nation; a grisly illustration of the cost of reopening the economy without containing the coronavirus.”

  3. Update says:

    “Monday, a New Mexico state district court judge issued a temporary restraining order that would have allowed restaurants to serve indoor, in-person dining for ten days. Monday afternoon, the New Mexico Supreme Court granted an emergency request issuing a stay on the lower court’s order.
    At issue is the governor’s latest public health emergency order, which banned indoor dining at restaurants and breweries because of the threat of COVID-19. Restaurants and breweries are still able to serve in-person diners on patios or other outdoor areas and can serve takeout and delivery.”

  4. p/s says:

    New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) said Sunday that her state is “at the mercy of what’s going on around the country.”
    Lujan Grisham called the U.S.’s COVID-19 response the “worst abdication” of the “responsibility to protect Americans I’ve ever seen” during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”
    The governor claimed there is “no national strategy” and “no public health investment.”
    “There is no national strategy,” she said. “I still spend most of my days chasing testing supplies for our state. It is the worst abdication of a national response and responsibility to protect Americans I have ever seen in my government career.”

    New Mexico Department of Health COVID-19 in New Mexico

  5. Chimayóso says:

    New Mexico: “Childcare centers see low COVID-19 transmission”
    “About 30 toddlers had already arrived on July 13 for their day at the UNM [University of New Mexico] Children’s Campus when Daniela Baca learned someone who visited the center regularly had tested positive for COVID-19.
    Within an hour, the facility had emptied out and she had contacted the state health department. “We needed to stop accepting children,” she said. “We switched gears into making sure that we notified families what was going on.”
    By mid-day, Baca had shifted her focus from caring for children to working with a pandemic rapid response team composed of workers from several state agencies. The team tested all staff and children that came into contact with the person infected by the virus, sanitized every inch inside and outside. They also tried to find out every person the infected person might have come into contact to prevent the spread at other locations.
    UNM Children’s Campus reopened nine days later, and the virus hadn’t spread to any children or additional staff.”

    “Hacen más unos callando que otros gritando.” (‘There are those who accomplish more being quiet than others who are shouting’).

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