He drove too fast on a country road. A park ranger killed him.

Recently released videos from a body-camera worn by a National Park Ranger at Carlsbad Caverns National Park reveals the park visitor who he tased, then shot and killed did not provoke the use of force and was unarmed…

The lapel video also shows that after three minutes passes, Ranger Mitchell put a motionless Lorentz in handcuffs and declared him, “under arrest.” Eight minutes after the shooting, Ranger Mitchell removed his first aid kit from his vehicle and four minutes after that, he finally rendered aid to Lorentz…

Shannon Kennedy, a civil rights attorney in Albuquerque, represents Gage Lorentz’s family and plans on filing a lawsuit against the United States Interior Department, National Park Service.

“Let’s start with the fact that this man takes a Taser and shoots Gage with no provocation from Gage whatsoever,” Kennedy said. “There is no communication, there is no de-escalation. That park ranger is insane. He’s out of his mind. What is he arresting him for? Driving too fast down a country road? And he takes his life over that? It’s a citation. It’s a warning. It’s not a death sentence.”

Same as it ever was.

One thought on “He drove too fast on a country road. A park ranger killed him.

  1. Copper says:

    “National park ranger condemned for attacking unarmed Indigenous man on sacred Native land” https://www.nationofchange.org/2021/01/01/national-park-ranger-condemned-for-attacking-unarmed-indigenous-man-on-sacred-native-land/
    Note: “The Petroglyphs National Monument, which is home to ancient Indigenous rock art that still retains spiritual and cultural significance to Indigenous people today, was initially created at the request of Native activists to protect the area from vandalism and developers.”
    For more information about the what took place between the park ranger and Darrell House there is a longer version of his sister’s recording at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qppIZl_UDpo

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