Trump’s “Gestapo App” shows the world what he thinks of privacy

He hears you when you’re sleeping
And he knows if you’re awake
He knows if you vote blue or red
So obey for your family’s sake…

President Trump’s campaign app is targeted to his most fervent supporters, but it is able to collect data about a swath of the American public far larger than his base.

The app requests access to significantly more information from each user’s phone than Joe Biden’s, and is on as many as 1.4 million devices…and the data collected from Trump’s app can be poured into an information ecosystem designed to replace the Facebook features — since disabled — that made the 2016 Cambridge Analytica scandal possible, according to a former executive for the firm that developed the app.

At the least, anyone silly enough to download Trump’s app should check the settings in their phone and turn off permission for Bluetooth to use them as a beacon and a beacon-finder. That is, unless they’re happy about beta-testing Gestapo-style tracking of every move they make.

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