Trump sent Federal Cops to “show locals how to handle protesters” – They shot one in the head.

LaBella “a threat” by holding speaker so folks could hear speeches

Federal law enforcement shot and severely injured a protester Saturday night during demonstrations in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Portland.

Donavan LaBella, 26, was shot in the head by what friends and witnesses said was an impact munition.

Videos of the incident posted online brought swift condemnation from some local leaders, including both of Oregon’s U.S. Senators, who demanded answers from the federal government, and City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who asked that federal troops leave Portland immediately…

Desiree LaBella, Donavan’s mother, said he suffered facial and skull fractures…“He was awake enough to give the OK to talk to me,” she said. “He’s had some facial reconstruction surgery…”

Desiree LaBella said she planned to contact an attorney Monday for a possible lawsuit on behalf of her son. She spoke to her son via computer late Sunday morning and said that while he was awake, doctors were monitoring his neurological condition and continuing work to drain blood from his brain.

Sounds like everything the Fake President would approve of…attacking non-violent protestors, putting one in hospital with a fractured skull.

I wonder when they start wearing the armbands.

8 thoughts on “Trump sent Federal Cops to “show locals how to handle protesters” – They shot one in the head.

  1. Reality ✓ says:

    “Federal officers deployed tear gas and fired less-lethal rounds into a crowd of protesters in Oregon, hours after the head of the Department of Homeland Security visited Portland and called the demonstrators “violent anarchists.”
    “Disturbing footage shows the moment federal police allegedly shot a protester in the head with a rubber bullet in Portland.”
    “Experts analyze, weigh in on video of federal officer shooting demonstrator in head”
    “US attorney requests DHS investigation after video shows masked, federal authorities without identification badges arresting protesters in Portland.
    “DHS accuses Portland officials of enabling ‘mob,’ posts timeline of damage by ‘violent anarchists’
    “Feds, right-wing media paint Portland as ‘city under siege.’ A tour of town shows otherwise”

  2. Clocks striking 13 says:

    “…But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.
    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. ”
    (George Orwell, “1984”)

    (click to enlarge)

  3. 4therecord says:

    ‘They just started whaling on me’: Veteran speaks out after video of federal officers beating him at Portland protests goes viral
    In the video, first shared by a reporter from the Portland Tribune, Christopher David, a 53-year-old disabled Navy veteran, is seen taking a series of baton blows from a federal agent, without reacting to any of them, before he is finally forced back by pepper spray to the face.

    Multiple Democratic House committee chairs have called for an immediate watchdog investigation into the actions federal officers in Washington, DC, and Portland have taken in response to protests spurred by the death of George Floyd and police brutality.
    Heads of the House Judiciary, Homeland Security and Oversight and Reform committees sent a letter Sunday to the inspectors general of the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security calling for the investigation.
    “As we continue to stand with our fellow citizens protesting systemic racism and police brutality throughout the country, we are increasingly alarmed at the Trump Administration’s use of federal law enforcement to violate the civil rights of our constituents,” the letter states.
    “This is a matter of utmost urgency. Citizens are concerned that the Administration has deployed a secret police force, not to investigate crimes but to intimidate individuals it views as political adversaries, and that the use of these tactics will proliferate throughout the country,” the committee chairs wrote. “Therefore, we ask that you commence your review of these issues immediately.”

  4. "Dominate the Battlespace" says:

    “Watching Trump’s paramilitary squads descend onto Portland, it’s hard not to feel doomed : The federal police are there to exert power, bully dissenters and intimidate Americans into giving up their First Amendment protections (Guardian UK 7/20/20)
    “…A US Customs and Border Protection internal memo, obtained by The Nation and dated July 1, offers some answers. In response to a Presidential order “Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Activity, “ the Acting Director of Homeland Security has created the “DHS Protecting American Communities Task Force (PACT) to provide an ongoing assessment of potential [italics] civil unrest and property destruction.”
    The italics are mine, but the memo describes the formation of a paramilitary organization, reporting to the federal government and free from the laws, rules and conventions followed (even nominally) by police and the army.
    In addition, the DHS has begun “coordination with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of the Interior (DOI) to establish information/intelligence sharing and resource coordination as outlined in the order.
    (The Nation, July 17, 2020): “The Border Patrol Was Responsible for an Arrest in Portland : An internal memo, obtained exclusively by The Nation, details a coordinated program of domestic counterinsurgency.”
    “Portland mayor: Presence of federal troops is escalating violence” (CNN July 19, 2020)

  5. Amerika says:

    Homeland security making plans to deploy 150 agents in Chicago this week, with scope of duty unknown
    Trump’s ‘law and order’ is starting to look like martial law
    “A top Trump administration official dismissed the uproar over the use of unmarked vehicles by federal agents during protests in Portland – saying it’s “so common it’s barely worth discussion.”
    “Literally, every police department in America has them,” Department of Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said Monday on CNN’s New Day.”
    “Sen. Ron Wyden: Trump sent federal agents to Portland to help with his political agenda — not the protests : The actions of the federal government to quell local protests demanding policing reforms show that reforms at DHS are sorely needed as well.

  6. 4therecord says:

    A group of Portland women calling themselves the “Wall of Moms” is now showing up at demonstrations to act as a human barrier between protesters and law enforcement.
    The women, wearing yellow shirts and bike helmets, were seen linking arms and chanting “Moms are here, feds stay clear!” during a protest in the Oregon city Sunday night, according to footage posted on social media.
    “Feds Launch Tear Gas into ‘Wall of Moms’ Protecting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists in Portland: WATCH”

    Meanwhile: “DHS Authorizes Domestic Surveillance to Protect Statues and Monuments” (Lawfare 7/20/20) “A document provided to Lawfare on July 19 from the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) describes personnel as “collecting and reporting on various activities in the context of elevated threats targeting monuments, memorials, and statues”—and it gives legal guidance concerning the “expanded intelligence activities necessary to mitigate the significant threat to homeland security” posed by such activities.”

  7. Extrajudicial says:

    Re: unidentified persons wearing paramilitary uniforms intimidatin Portland: following is reportedly a photograph of some Mexican Jalisco New Generation (CJNG ) cartel ‘sicario’ hitmen.

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