Latest generation of Restomods merge past and present-tech

…The concept is pretty alluring: take a vintage car and all the great things that go with it— looks, backstory, rarity; and add the best of modern driving — comfort, eco-friendliness, not breaking down every time you drive it.

In a corner of this field is a newer crop, where past and present collide to even more dramatic effect — electrified restomods. Here, the guts of the original car are ripped out entirely and transplanted with electric motors, batteries and circuitry.

Yes, this costs more than the average family budget allots for motor vehicles. But, like any new-tech solutions, electrification of classics should become cheaper over time. I’d love to try it on with an XK150 Jaguar coupe.

The purist car geeks will be aghast at the concept; but, then, they’d look askance at preferring an XK150 over an XK120, anyway.

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