Trump’s Gestapo is coming!


In the middle of Trump’s pandemic, his private Gestapo, his own illegal army of storm troopers, are coming to New Mexico. He says they’re coming to rescue us from the forces of darkness; but, that darkness in today’s world of Republican politics is meant to describe skin color and nothing else.

Uninvited, unannounced – no doubt – they will soon enough roll into Albuquerque to do battle with the citizens of New Mexico’s biggest city. The mayor doesn’t want them. Or him, for that matter. No doubt most of the citizens don’t want them, didn’t ask for them.

There may be a few of the racist fringe that infects all of American politics who will wave flags and cheer. That’s an element of American populist politics that has never relented, never disappeared. I hope the forces of law and order, justice and what is supposed to be the American Way prevail before the murder and abduction, the traditional Nazi “disappearing” of insurgent dissenters takes over control of our largest city.

— Eideard

Ohio Speaker of the House indicted in $60 million bribery scheme

Ohio Speaker of the House Larry Householder, a Republican, was arraigned in U.S. District Court on Tuesday along with four associates on racketeering and conspiracy charges in connection with the largest bribery scandal in state history.

“Make no mistake, these allegations are bribery, pure and simple,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Chris Hoffman said at a press conference announcing the charges.

FBI agents had arrested Householder hours earlier at his rural Perry County farm as the alleged ringleader of what Hoffman described as “likely the largest bribery-money laundering scheme ever perpetrated against the people of the state of Ohio.”…

Four others were indicted: former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges; Householder adviser Jeffrey Longstreth; and two lobbyists, Neil Clark and Juan Cespedes…

The 81-page complaint describes a conspiracy connected to an Ohio law passed last year, which bailed out two nuclear power plants while simultaneously slashing subsidies for energy efficiency and renewables in the state. The law also pulled money from Ohio residents’ power bills, shuffling $150 million to the nuclear plants each year.

I imagine the procedure will be to get convictions for the slimeballs accepting the bribes. Then, to decide whether the “Captains of industry” running the power companies solicited these elected creeps…or the creeps solicited them…and word the charges accordingly.

Either way, I’d love to see them all sharing cells.

Canada’s legalization of cannabis is a success story

A highly regarded British think tank focused on reforming drug laws thinks Canada’s legalization and regulation of cannabis has gone well.

Transform has been monitoring Canadian reform efforts for some time, and advised the Canadian government and some provinces on how to develop regulations prior to legalization. Its positive views of Canada’s initiatives is a significant contribution in assessing our journey away from criminalization of simple possession and use of recreational drugs…

Transform also raised the need for amnesty for those convicted of simple possession and use when cannabis was illegal.

Criminal records dog these individuals, affecting everything from employment opportunities to travel to foreign countries.

While there have been some few pardons, the process is erratic, bureaucratic and doesn’t erase records causing follow-on negatives. Amnesty across the board would erase a problem past it’s sell-by date.