Trump’s Gestapo is coming!


In the middle of Trump’s pandemic, his private Gestapo, his own illegal army of storm troopers, are coming to New Mexico. He says they’re coming to rescue us from the forces of darkness; but, that darkness in today’s world of Republican politics is meant to describe skin color and nothing else.

Uninvited, unannounced – no doubt – they will soon enough roll into Albuquerque to do battle with the citizens of New Mexico’s biggest city. The mayor doesn’t want them. Or him, for that matter. No doubt most of the citizens don’t want them, didn’t ask for them.

There may be a few of the racist fringe that infects all of American politics who will wave flags and cheer. That’s an element of American populist politics that has never relented, never disappeared. I hope the forces of law and order, justice and what is supposed to be the American Way prevail before the murder and abduction, the traditional Nazi “disappearing” of insurgent dissenters takes over control of our largest city.

— Eideard

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Gestapo is coming!

  1. moss says:

    What city in America will have a mayor, a governing council, with the courage to research historic American law and arrest these fascist troops! Throw them in jail to cool their heels until the pig in the White House bails them out.

    Then, send them back to where they belong. A private detail to protect Trump until he’s thrown out of office.

  2. Copper says:

    “The police force of Albuquerque, New Mexico has been involved in a number of shooting incidents and has used other forms of force, many of these involving the use of SWAT teams. The city’s police department was the subject of a Department of Justice Investigation in 2014 which found that the department “engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force, including deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment”. The report also stated that the department suffered from “structural and systemic deficiencies-including insufficient oversight, inadequate training, and ineffective policies”.
    “Full document: Department of Justice findings of APD”
    “Amidst week of protests, APD shoots another man in crisis” (6/6/20)
    The Department of Justice and the Albuquerque Police Department entered into a settlement agreement 1n 2014 with stipulations aimed at reducing the use of excessive force in the department. See
    “NM once again No. 1 in fatal police shootings” (2019)
    “Your Son Is Deceased : The city has one of the highest rates in the country of fatal shootings by police, but no officer has been indicted.” (New Yorker 2015)
    “NM police dept. scrutinized over adversary’s death”

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