Quality infrastructure maintenance

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No injuries were reported when a Union Pacific train derailed and caught fire on a bridge over Tempe Town Lake in Arizona, officials said Wednesday.

Plumes of smoke could be seen rising into the morning sky beneath a trail of flames on video and images from the site of the derailment, where part of the bridge collapsed.
The train was hauling unknown hazardous material, according to the Tempe Fire Department.

One section of the Salt River Union Pacific Bridge — which was built in 1912 — had completely collapsed just on the side of the lake, with some of the train cars detached and on the ground.

Quality infrastructure maintenance — How NOT to do it!

3 thoughts on “Quality infrastructure maintenance

  1. Safety last says:

    In an effort to boost natural gas exports, the Trump administration has reversed longstanding federal policy and approved transport of highly flammable liquefied natural gas by rail in densely populated areas anywhere in the country.
    …The new rule does require rail cars to be built with a thicker outer tank than is mandated for other hazardous cryogenic liquids like ethylene and ethane. (Although it’s unclear if that applies to projects like this one, greenlighted earlier through a special permit.) https://www.npr.org/2020/12/29/950140412/that-terrifies-me-trump-rule-allows-natural-gas-transport-by-rail-in-dense-areas
    See also: “A multi-billion dollar private equity firm whose subsidiary was awarded two special permits by the Trump Administration to haul hazardous liquified natural gas (LNG), including by rail along Florida’s east coast, apparently forgave more than $100 million in debt owed by President Trump.” https://www.floridabulldog.org/2020/09/fortress-forgave-huge-trump-loan-got-us-permits-transport-lng-rail/

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