2 thoughts on “A sign with only 3 words…

  1. Truth@24fps says:

    “He held a BLM sign in what he called ‘America’s most racist town.’ The result? A viral video of abuse.” (Washington Post) https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/07/30/black-lives-matter-racist-town-video/
    “…Bliss is a director and producer based in Los Angeles and is known for making viral stunts aimed at socially conscious messages — including a video from 2014 when he recorded a woman being constantly heckled while walking around New York. Bliss captured his interactions in Harrison, and scores more, on a GoPro camera that he strapped to his chest and peeked out a hole in his T-shirt. He edited his footage down to a two-minute video, which he argues provides vivid firsthand evidence that racism is alive and well in parts of the country.
    “People in the U.S. believe that there is only institutional racism or biases or subconscious racism,” Bliss said.
    Bliss’s video swiftly went viral after he uploaded it Monday, with various uploads of the video on YouTube and Twitter receiving roughly 3 million views as of early Thursday. It also circulated widely on Facebook with the bold title, “Holding a Black Lives Matter Sign in America’s Most Racist Town,” and with a lead image of him holding the sign in front of a white supremacist billboard.”

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