2 thoughts on “This will be on Netflix, tonight

  1. Meanwhile: says:

    “ICE Guards “Systematically” Sexually Assault Detainees in an El Paso Detention Center, Lawyers Say : Allegations include guards attacking victims in camera “blind spots” and telling them that “no one would believe” them in ICE detention centers, which imprison about 50,000 immigrants each year at a taxpayer expense of $2.7 billion. (ProPublica 8/14/20)
    “120 Children Remain in ICE Detention Despite Court Order For Them to Be Released Due to COVID-19 Concerns” (Time 8/14/20) https://time.com/5878909/children-ice-covid-19-detention-court-order/
    ” ICE is making sure migrant kids don’t have COVID-19, then expelling them to ‘prevent the spread’ : The administration has used infection risk to justify expelling thousands of children without legal protections. But it’s only expelling kids who’ve tested negative.” (Border Report 8/14/20) https://www.borderreport.com/health/coronavirus/ice-is-making-sure-migrant-kids-dont-have-covid-19-then-expelling-them-to-prevent-the-spread/
    “ICE Agents Complain About Nazi Comparisons, Say They’re Only Enforcing the Laws” (Newsweek 7/29/20) https://www.newsweek.com/ice-agents-complain-about-nazi-comparisons-say-theyre-only-enforcing-laws-1521382
    “ICE just signed a contract with facial recognition company Clearview AI : The contract comes after months of scrutiny of Clearview’s privacy practices” (The Verge 8/14/20) https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/14/21368930/clearview-ai-ice-contract-privacy-immigration

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