Celebrate mediocrity: 66% of Americans will vaccinate against COVID-19

When a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, 66% of adults say they will likely get it, and have their children vaccinated too, according to a new nationwide survey…

The likelihood of receiving the vaccination is below 60% in 10 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wyoming. It is greater than 70% in 11 other states: Arizona, California, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington, as well as in the District of Columbia…

The survey also shows that only 58% of those without a high school diploma say they plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 78% of those with at least a bachelor’s degree. Of people who earn less than $25,000, 59% anticipate vaccinating, compared to 78% of those who earn more than $100,000.

Someday – not in what’s left of my lifetime – we may reach a level of education, an understanding of science over superstition in the general population, when and where we need’t be concerned about sufficient vaccination for reasonable effectiveness.

Literacy means nothing if you only read crap. Or worse – you rely on the other great sources of American information: network TV, car radio disc jockeys and incumbent politicians.

One thought on “Celebrate mediocrity: 66% of Americans will vaccinate against COVID-19

  1. Jerry Fletcher says:

    World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom warns coronavirus vaccine alone won’t end pandemic: ‘We cannot go back to the way things were’ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/21/who-warns-a-coronavirus-vaccine-alone-will-not-end-pandemic.html
    Scientific American: “Nine COVID-19 Myths That Just Won’t Go Away : From a human-made virus to vaccine conspiracy theories, we rounded up the most persistent false claims about the pandemic” (8/18/20) https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/nine-covid-19-myths-that-just-wont-go-away/

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