Trump repeats lie over 150 times — Challenged, he walks out…

You can tell he’s lying. His lips are moving.

Trump, speaking at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, had claimed again that he is the one who got the Veterans Choice program passed — adding, “They’ve been trying to get that passed for decades and decades and decades and no president’s ever been able to do it, and we got it done.”

In fact, former President Barack Obama signed the Choice program into law in 2014. The law, which allowed eligible veterans to be covered by the government for care provided by doctors outside the VA system, was a bipartisan initiative spearheaded by two senators Trump has repeatedly criticized, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and the late John McCain of Arizona…

“Why do you keep saying that you passed Veterans Choice?” CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid asked Trump at the Saturday news conference…As Trump tried to call on another reporter instead, Reid continued, “You said that you passed Veterans Choice. It was passed in 2014…it was a false statement, sir.”

Trump paused, then responded: “OK. Thank you very much, everybody.” He then walked away as the song “YMCA” played.

Our Fake President has as much class as a cockroach.

One thought on “Trump repeats lie over 150 times — Challenged, he walks out…

  1. Fact ✓ says:

    President Donald Trump held a relatively brief “news conference” at the White House on Tuesday. He still made a bunch of false and misleading claims.
    Trump misleadingly cited recent increases in reported European coronavirus cases to suggest the US is doing better than European countries whose case levels are far lower. He falsely claimed former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden committed “treason.”
    He made a baseless blanket declaration that college football players would not have serious problems with the coronavirus because they are very fit. He falsely suggested New York City has recently fired a large number of police officers. And he wrongly suggested that he has signed an executive order that prevents evictions.
    Meanwhile: “Trump’s latest executive actions have 3 big problems : In 2016, Trump said executive orders signaled lazy leadership. Whoops.”

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