Trump loves his secret powers

I suppose many trump voters trust him to do the right thing. Sometimes.  Having these powers available is just one more opportunity for corrupt practices by our government.

In my voting lifetime, our prime concern often was how many people around the world would be killed by our president. Trump sets new records for killing Americans.

2 thoughts on “Trump loves his secret powers

  1. Déjà vu says:

    On Monday 27 February 1933, precisely four weeks after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany, The Reichstag building, home of the German parliament in Berlin, was engulfed in flames.
    The day after the fire, at Hitler’s request, President Hindenburg signed the Reichstag Fire Decree into law by using Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, and the secrecy of the post and telephone. These rights were not reinstated during Nazi reign. The decree was used by the Nazis to ban publications not considered “friendly” and as the legal basis for the imprisonment of anyone considered to be opponents of the Nazi cause.
    The Reichstag Fire Decree is considered by historians as one of the key steps in the establishment of a one-party Nazi state in Germany.

  2. Putsch says:

    President Trump has threatened to use force against demonstrators if he wins a second term in November. In an interview with Fox News host Jeanine Perro Saturday, Trump suggested he would use the Insurrection Act to quell demonstrations on the night of the election if he defeats Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
    “We’ll put them down very quickly if they do that. We have the right to do that, we have the power to do that if we want,” Trump told Pirro about the possibility of rioting and demonstrations.
    “Look, it’s called insurrection. We just send in and we do it, very easy. I mean, it’s very easy. I’d rather not do that because there’s no reason for it, but if we had to we’d do that and put it down within minutes,” Trump added.
    The Insurrection Act of 1807 allows the president to deploy federal troops to U.S. streets in cases of civil unrest, insurrection and rebellion. Trump previously threatened to invoke the act in June to quell rioting after the death of George Floyd. See
    Meanwhile: Roger Stone, whose 40-month prison sentence for lying to Congress and witness tampering in the Russia investigation was commuted by Donald Trump, has said Trump should seize total power and jail prominent figures including Bill and Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg if he loses to Joe Biden in November.

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