Introduced as the slogan for Lucky Strike cigarettes just after the end of World War 2, “Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco” stuck in the minds of generations of American smokers [and non-smokers].

The persistence of stupid, of ignorance and the complete failure of a whole society to act upon reason and science, to respond to unhealthy behavior – says only one thing to me – today. Don’t be surprised if the shithead in the White House gets re-elected.

I consider myself only slightly more educated than the average American. Though I acquired many hours at night school, I always studied what I was interested in. Which was “everything” – instead of suggested course work. Still going – as a retired old geek.

But, I knew enough by 1958 to quit smoking. At the age of 20, I had been smoking for 8 years. By then, more than 2 packs/day. And I quit cold turkey. A struggle – yes. But, it made sense and I had to live up to that. Americans in general smoke a lot less, nowadays. I imagine that’s because many just don’t take up the habit. Accumulated decades of hearing a bit of truth about dying from heart disease or cancer.

Look at how many years it’s required to break that habit. Do you think Americans have learned to do more than respond to the snazziest ad campaign when it comes to election day? Or will their collective consciousness stay stuck on whoever came up with the neatest slogan?

Our quasi-fascist Fearless Leader may only need to rely on the persistence of “Four More Years” – competing with white bread and not a lot of courage.