Racism is root and cause for most American domestic terrorism

Dennis Angerer/Getty

FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress (in July)…that the FBI has recorded about 100 domestic terrorism arrests in the last nine months. “A majority of the domestic terrorism cases we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence,” he told the panel…

Wray’s testimony followed a House Homeland Security Committee hearing in May, where FBI counterterrorism chief Michael McGarrity testified that the bureau was investigating 850 potential domestic terrorism cases. McGarrity said that nearly half of the cases involved racially motivated extremists, most of whom were white supremacists…

“…If the number of people arrested this calendar year when it comes to this extremist conduct, is about equal between those who were inspired by foreign actors, ISIS, al-Qaida, whatever it might be, and those who were inspired by white supremacy or at least some version of race,” (Senator Dick) Durbin said, before asking Wray if he considered them equal threats.

Wray said he did not, explaining that he believes homegrown violent terrorism was the single biggest threat to the country.

There goes Wray’s chance to play golf at one of Trump’s country clubs!

Trump’s Looneyvision Huawei fear guarantees crap 5G cell service

5G networks are still a work in progress, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom…According to a series of tests conducted by Opensignal, the United Kingdom has the worst 5G speeds, with the United States not far behind.

The United Kingdom features average download speeds of 32.6Mbps, with the United States posting speeds around 33.4mbps. The U.S. speed is only about 1.8 times faster than 4G. The fastest 5G speeds can be found in Saudi Arabia and Canada, the Saudis posting an average download speed of 144Mbps, or 14 times faster than 4G. Canada posted average download speeds of 90Mbps, which is consistent with the wireless architecture in that country.

…The U.S. offered exceptional 5G wireless availability, with 19.3 percent coverage. The UK was last, with roughly 4.5 5G wireless coverage. Saudi Arabia again led the way, delivering a 5G connection 34 percent of the time.

Dunno if Trumpo gets his tech advice about cell security from QAnon or AA; but, there is no one in any executive position in any portion of Homeland Security who will demonstrate a butt-kissing willingness to affirm Trump’s blather over Huawei. The UK is merely demonstrating their historic fealty to American conservative nutballs…as a proper USA/USA-client state.