We’re reaching the tipping point into fascism

Alex Brandon/AP/REX

In the final week of August, the United States saw its biggest deterioration in societal norms and steps toward outright fascism since President Donald Trump came to office four years ago under a mantle of barely veiled authoritarianism. The troubling developments of the past week are almost too many to count.

On Tuesday, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly crossed state lines with his automatic rifle and murdered two demonstrators at a protest of another horrific police shooting of a Black man. Police did nothing…

It was also the week of the Republican National Convention, which culminated with a grand and illegal presidential acceptance speech with the backdrop of the taxpayer-funded White House decked out in Trump-Pence 2020 propaganda…Congress did nothing

…The president is enabling and encouraging the formation of armed forces, outside the control of the state, with his uniforms and loyalty only to him. He’s further pushing loyal state forces to either acquiesce to the vigilante demands or outright support them. Amenable law enforcement—from Kenosha to Portland—have proven eager to abide.

As senior Holocaust historian Christopher Browning put it in 2018:

If people do not accept the ground rules by which democracy operates and winning at all costs and incivility become the norm, then things fall apart. … We see that falling apart with political polarization now. And that was true in the 1930s with the rise of authoritarianism and fascism in Europe and elsewhere.

Trump’s call for 12 more years in office is more than Mussolini or Hitler ever publicly asked for…at the beginning of their takeover of democratic governments. If you think he’s kidding around, if you think the least-knowledgeable voters in this Brave New World will come to their senses on their own…I presume you’re spending lots of time, now, on your knees praying for divine intervention. You’ll be spending even longer in the same position, silent and obedient, sometime down the road.

10 thoughts on “We’re reaching the tipping point into fascism

  1. Santayana says:

    September 29, 2020: An exchange between debate moderator Chris Wallace and Trump during the Presidential Debates:
    WALLACE: Will you urge your supporters to stay calm during this extended period, not to engage in any civil unrest? And will you pledge tonight that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified? President Trump, you go first.
    TRUMP I’m urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully. Because that’s what has to happen. I am urging them to do it. As you know, today, there was a big problem. In Philadelphia they went in to watch. They were called poll watchers — a very safe, very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren’t allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia, bad things. And I — I am urging — I am urging my people. I hope it’s going to be a fair election. If it’s a fair election…
    WALLACE: You’re urging them what?
    TRUMP: … I am 100% on board. But if I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can’t go along with that. And I’ll tell you what. From a common-sense…
    Wallace: What does that mean, you can’t go along? Does that mean you’re going to tell your people to take to the streets?
    TRUMP: I’ll tell you what it means. It means you have a fraudulent election. You’re sending out 80 million ballots.
    “Asked directly whether he will tell his voters not to engage in any sort of violence or “civil unrest” while the votes are being counted on and beyond November 3, the President of the United States not only refused to do so but also reiterated his call to his supporters to go to polling places and “watch” people casting votes.” (CNN 10/1/20) https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/30/politics/polls-donald-trump-election-first-debate/index.html
    Fox News (10/1/20) “Why Trump blew up the debate, triggering a media backlash : The former reality show star is used to commanding the stage” https://www.foxnews.com/media/why-trump-blew-up-the-debate-triggering-a-media-backlash

  2. Vorbeugungshaft says:

    “The president can, and should, order the extrajudicial assassination of U.S. citizens.” https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/09/trump-debate-lowlights-forest-cities-reverse-racism-summary-executions.html
    During the Presidential debate September 29, 2020 moderator Chris Wallace set out to press Biden on whether he was reluctant to call out the National Guard. When Biden argued that Trump’s federal interventions in Portland, Oregon, had made things worse, Trump jumped in to boast about his performance: “I sent in the U.S. Marshals to get the killer of a young man in the middle of the street, and they shot him. For three days, Portland didn’t do anything. I sent in the U.S. Marshals, they took care of business.” The “business” the president was referring to was the killing of Michael Forest Reinoehl, a suspect in the shooting of a far-right protester in Portland. After initial reports that Reinoehl had died in a gun battle with the authorities, one witness told reporters he was “clutching a cellphone and eating a gummy worm” when the marshals opened fire on him without warning.
    “Police shot Portland slaying suspect without warning or trying to arrest him first, witness says” https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/09/10/reinoehl-portland-antifa-killing-police/
    “Witness says officers never gave commands before firing at Michael Reinoehl outside WA apartment” https://www.oregonlive.com/crime/2020/09/witness-says-officers-never-gave-commands-before-firing-at-michael-reinoehl-outside-wa-apartment.html

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