2 thoughts on “The Parasite

    • Situational ethics says:

      Lindsey Graham @LindseyGrahamSC 12:10 PM to 12:12 PM · Sep 19, 2020
      “The two biggest changes regarding the Senate and judicial confirmations that have occurred in the last decade have come from Democrats.
      “Harry Reid changed the rules to allow a simple majority vote for Circuit Court nominees dealing out the minority.
      “Chuck Schumer and his friends in the liberal media conspired to destroy the life of Brett Kavanaugh and hold that Supreme Court seat open.
      “In light of these two events, I will support President @realDonaldTrump in any effort to move forward regarding the recent vacancy created by the passing of Justice Ginsburg.”

      “Graham’s promise not to support a nominee during an election year was made on October 3rd 2018, so the excuses he is referencing happened before that. In other words Graham knew about Harry Reid’s rule changes and the fact that Democrats and the press were unhappy about Brett Kavanaugh being a rapist before he made the promise not to support a nominee. He made the promise anyway, in full possession of knowledge that he claims he can now use to break his promise.” https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/lindsey-graham-isnt-getting-away-with-any-of-this/32459/

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