Fox News shares the blame!

Throughout history, presidents have singled out particular reporters for special access …Donald Trump, however, has gone far beyond past practices to favor an entire news organization, Fox News. In return, Fox gives Trump fawning, obsequious coverage, according to a new book, Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of the Truth, by CNN’s media analyst Brian Stelter. In great detail, he shows how access to Trump can make or break careers at Fox, with millions upon millions of dollars in ratings-driven compensation at stake.

Special thanks to Barry Ritholtz for offering this article and link. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. Keeping ahead on economics and politics is his gig. He’s one of the best.

35 thoughts on “Fox News shares the blame!

  1. Perhaps too much, even for Fox says:

    “Fox News anchor addresses cutting off Gingrich linking Soros to violent protests” “On Wednesday, Gingrich argued that money provided by the billionaire progressive activist Soros was helping to fuel riots in multiple U.S. cities throughout the summer following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
    “Progressive district attorneys are anti-police, pro-criminal, and overwhelmingly elected with George Soros’s money. And they’re a major cause of the violence we’re seeing because they keep putting the violent criminals back on the street,” Gingrich said Wednesday.”

    Mary Ann Mendoza, a member of the advisory board of President Trump’s reelection campaign, was due to speak at the Republican Republican on Aug. 25 but she was suddenly pulled from the schedule after she had retweeted a link to a conspiracy theory about Jewish elites plotting to take over the world. In her now-deleted tweet, Mendoza urged her roughly 40,000 followers to read a lengthy thread that warned of a plan to enslave the “goyim,” or non-Jews. It included fevered denunciations of the historically wealthy Jewish family, the Rothschilds, as well as the top target of right-wing extremism today, the liberal Jewish philanthropist George Soros.

    (click to enlarge – note the label on the sleeve of the unseen puppeteer controlling Soros reads ‘Rothschilds’)

  2. Believe it or not says:

    “…When it comes to COVID-19, the apparent result of the combined disinformation campaign of Trump and Fox News has been devastating. A working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research in May analyzed anonymous location data from millions of cell phones to show that residents of Zip Codes with higher Fox News viewership were less likely to follow stay-at-home orders. Another study, by economists at the University of Chicago and elsewhere, suggested a disparity in health outcomes between areas where Fox News viewers primarily tuned in to Tucker Carlson, who, among Fox hosts, spoke early and with relative urgency about the danger of COVID-19, and places where viewers preferred Sean Hannity, who spent weeks downplaying its severity. The economists found that, in March, viewership of Hannity over Carlson, in the locales they studied, was associated with a thirty-two-per-cent increase in infections, and a twenty-three-per-cent increase in COVID-19-related deaths.”
    Joshua Yaffa, “Is Russian Meddling as Dangerous as We Think?” The New Yorker, September 14, 2020 Issue. (Yaffa is a Moscow correspondent for The New Yorker and the author of “Between Two Fires: Truth, Ambition, and Compromise in Putin’s Russia.”)

    “The Persuasive Effect of Fox News: Non-Compliance with Social Distancing During the Covid-19 Pandemic” NBER Working Paper No. 27237. Issued in May 2020, Revised in July 2020

  3. FAKE NEWS says:

    “Kimberly Guilfoyle Allegedly Left Fox News After Assistant Accused Her of Sexual Harassment: Report : In a statement, the current adviser to Trump’s re-election campaign said she has “never engaged in any workplace misconduct of any kind” See also Kimberly Guilfoyle’s RNC speech ‘a memorable moment’
    “Fox News anchor Chris Wallace had a lot of thoughts on Friday morning following the massive news that President Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, scolding the Trump family for declining to wear masks at Tuesday’s debate and then, in a later segment, dismissing the expertise of the president’s Fox-friendly coronavirus adviser.
    Appearing on the president’s favorite morning program Fox & Friends, Wallace excoriated the Trumps for refusing to adhere to the safety restrictions put in place by the Cleveland Clinic at the debate hall.

  4. Rootie Kazootie says:

    Re: “Poppy Harlow pushes back on WH official: Stop attacking the press” (CNN 9/28/20)
    Rudy W. Giuliani @RudyGiuliani Replying to @JennaEllisEsq 4:24 PM · Sep 29, 2020:·

    “Democrats and Republicans speak different languages — and it helps explain why we’re so divided” (Aug. 2017)
    “A Citizen’s Dictionary to Republican Political Code Words and Phrases” (Oct 2017)
    “How Optimizes for Branded Search Traffic [CASE STUDY]”

  5. Quislings says:

    “Fox News portrayed it as one of the biggest scandals in American history. Then it fell apart”
    “…The episode marks yet another instance in which Fox News and its hosts have dishonestly hyped an innocuous national security procedure into a supposed scandal, only to later watch it quietly fall apart before moving on to feed something else to their audience.
    A Fox News spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday.
    It’s difficult to overstate how much Fox News promoted the unmasking story in May, never mind promoting it as an insidious plot against Trump.
    As the coronavirus death toll neared 100,000 people in the US, Fox News practically dumped coverage of the disease to focus on “OBAMAGATE.” After Grenell declassified the related documents in May, mentions of key words related to the supposed scandal spiked on the conservative network as mentions of words related to the coronavirus dropped.”
    See also “‘Obamagate’: Fox News focuses on conspiracy theory rather than Covid-19” (Guardian UK May 14, 2020)

  6. Baby Huey's death march (continued) says:

    “Trump Rallygoers Boo Fox News as President Bashes Network: ‘I Don’t Know What the Hell Happened’ to Them”
    “Trump Questions Laura Ingraham for Wearing Mask to His Rally, Says He Doesn’t Know What Happened to Fox News”
    …Shortly after Trump questioned why the Fox News host was wearing a mask at his rally, which is a requirement in Michigan for crowded outdoor public spaces, he went on to criticize Fox News for covering Biden’s campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa.
    “Fox has gone too. I don’t know what the hell happened to Fox, right? What happened to Fox?” Trump said.
    Boos were heard in the crowd as Trump continued: “We still have a few great ones at Fox. We still have a few great ones. It’s not like it used to be.”
    He added: “We’re doing better now than we ever did. There’s more enthusiasm. The crowds are much bigger. There’s more enthusiasm. But Fox is a big difference. Somewhere along the line we lost Fox. That’s OK. That’s all right. But that’s a big difference.”
    This is not the first time the president has criticized Fox News, as he made similar comments in a tweet on October 12.
    @FoxNews allows more negative ads on me than practically all of the other networks combined. Not like the old days, but we will win even bigger than 2016,” Trump wrote. He added that Roger Ailes, the former CEO and chairman of the network, was “the GREATEST!”

    Ailes resigned from Fox News in July 2016, after allegations of sexual assault were made by several women.

  7. Trumpty-Dumpty says:

    (11/3/20): “Fox Corp. Chief Lachlan Murdoch On Donald Trump Possibly Starting Fox News Rival: “We Love Competition”
    “Fox News’ Ultimate Boss Suggests News Ratings May Fall Post-Election”
    “Trump makes Election Day appeal on Fox News”
    Trump tells ‘Fox & Friends’ he was not ‘intimidated’ by Joe Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon’s claim that “under no scenario” could Trump be declared a victor on election night. “That was a very weird quote,” he said during a Tuesday morning interview with “Fox & Friends.” “And I don’t know what she meant, except maybe she is talking about the very strange decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court that allows extra time and a lot of other things.”
    Fox news: “Donald Trump: Reelect me and I will continue to deliver safety, prosperity and opportunity for all Americans : A vote for me is a vote for jobs, safety, rule of law, lower taxes, protection of your Second Amendment, and freedom.” Also “Newt Gingrich: If election riots break out, Trump should follow Lincoln’s advice : Lincoln understood the importance of enforcing the law and providing safety and order”

  8. Unpresidented says:

    Fox News Hosts Defend Network in Live Interview as Trump Criticizes Them for Airing Biden and Obama Rallies (11/3/20 at 10:45 AM EST)

    “When there’s victory, if there’s victory, I think we’ll have victory, I think the polls are, you know, suppression polls, and I think we’ll have victory,” said the president. “I think, you know, I look at it as being a very, um, you know, a very solid chance of winning. I don’t know what the chances are, I don’t know how they rate the chances, but I think we have a very solid chance of winning.” President Trump, Fox & Friends, November 3, 2020

  9. Edward R. says:

    “Rupert Murdoch-owned US outlets turn on Trump, urging him to act with ‘grace’ : Fox News, Wall Street Journal and New York Post all show stark change of tone as their former champion faces ‘presidential endgame’”
    “As Trump’s Chances Fade, Murdoch’s Fox News Faces Wrath And Tough Choices”

    “…As one small sign of the ways in which Fox and Trump Republicans can orchestrate programming, on Friday evening [11/6/20] NPR reviewed an internal GOP memo sent to top party officials to prepare Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for her appearance on Hannity’s show that night. It set out in great specificity the entire intended flow of the show’s lengthy opening segment – including its guests, articles and subjects, and the primary point Hannity would make. The two jointly focused on stoking suspicions of voter fraud. (The RNC confirmed the memo’s authenticity but declined to comment on the collaboration.)”

  10. Bill comes due says:

    Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Network was canceled Friday. It will be replaced by Fox Business Tonight with alternating guest hosts Jackie DeAngelis and David Asman for the time being.
    The cancellation, first reported by The Los Angeles Times, came a day after the network, Dobbs and others were sued for $2.7 billion.
    The change in programming was routine and had nothing to do with the lawsuit, a Fox News Media spokesperson said.
    Fox network didn’t say Dobbs had been fired but he isn’t expected to return to the air.

  11. Rasin d’etre says:

    Fox News is the Republican Party : Trumpism will endure because Murdoch’s Fox News made that choice on behalf of the Republican Party it commands.
    “…The storming of the Capitol by a murderous mob of Confederate-flag-waving white supremacists, anti-government vigilantes, lunatic conspiracy theorists and Christian fanatics was the predictable, even necessary, denouement of a decades-long, near 24/7 Fox News diet of white supremacist, anti-government vigilantism, lunatic conspiracy theories and Christian fanaticism.
    …The ascendency of Trump to the presidency and the violent attempt to thwart the will of more than 81 million Americans that wanted to be rid of him were not the deeds of a loony “fringe”.
    They were the consequence of the considered, deliberate designs of the population of “red state America” who religiously follow Murdoch’s cavalcade of charlatans on Fox News and its surrogate, the Republican Party.”

  12. Update says:

    “Dominion Voting Systems on Friday filed a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News, arguing the cable news giant falsely claimed in an effort to boost faltering ratings that the voting company had rigged the 2020 election.” (A/P)
    “It’s the first defamation suit filed against a media outlet by the voting company, which was a target of misleading, false and bizarre claims spread by President Donald Trump and his allies in the aftermath of Trump’s election loss to Joe Biden. Those claims helped spur on rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in a violent siege that left five people dead, including a police officer. The siege led to Trump’s historic second impeachment.
    Dominion argues that Fox News, which amplified inaccurate assertions that Dominion altered votes, “sold a false story of election fraud in order to serve its own commercial purposes, severely injuring Dominion in the process,” according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by The Associated Press.”
    Dominion v Fox News complaint:

  13. Edward R. says:

    Trump doesn’t have to start Trump TV. Fox News is already doing it
    Fox and its competitors in right-wing news are in an arms race to hire ex-Trump advisors, as part of a strategy to secure the allegiance of the former president’s 74 million voters—and prepare against the possibility of Trump launching his own media company. After a winter slump, Fox News has returned to the top spot in cable news TV ratings as the Jan. 6 storming of the US Capitol and Trump’s subsequent impeachment fade from the news cycle.
    An important part of the network’s rebound has been its concerted effort to lure back the Trump-supporting viewers who changed the channel to other right-wing outlets like Newsmax in rebellion over Fox’s coverage of the 2020 election.

  14. 2 min. hate says:

    Lachlan Murdoch backs Tucker Carlson in ‘white replacement’ furore
    Fox CEO defends unrepentant host after Anti-Defamation League calls for him to be fired for anti-immigration tirade
    Tucker Carlson sneers at critics as he doubles down on ‘replacement theory’ remarks
    Pro-Trump whites afraid of being replaced attacked the Capitol. That’s a race riot.
    Let’s call what happened on Jan. 6 what it was.
    White US nationalists chant ‘you will not replace us’

  15. Business as usual says:

    “Tucker Carlson villainizes journalists on his top-rated show. Then the threats pour in.
    As the Fox host’s popularity grows, he has found fodder in lesser-known media figures whom he presents as symbols of liberalism-run-amok.
    …Zadrozny, however, was hardly the only journalist to receive death threats after being called out by Carlson, a conservative pundit who recently dethroned Sean Hannity as the most-watched host on the most-watched cable news network.”
    “NBC News Says Tucker Carlson ‘Dangerously and Dishonestly Targeted’ Its Reporter”
    Brandy Zadrozny (NiemanLab interview)
    “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has been the top-rated show on Fox News for the past six months, averaging 4.3 million total viewers per month during that period. In February, Fox News management tapped Carlson to create “flagship” content for the network’s subscription streaming service, Fox Nation, including a new streaming show called “Tucker Carlson Today,” which debuted recently.

  16. McLuhan says:

    Millions of Americans Are Unwittingly Funding Tucker Carlson’s Show
    In the aftermath of the Derek Chauvin verdict, a Fox News advertising boycott won’t work because the company makes so much money from cable bundle fees.
    From spreading baseless COVID-19 and election conspiracies, to parroting the rhetoric of white nationalists, Fox News’ toxic slurry of disinfotainment is lapped up by an average of 3.3 million Americans every evening. And despite concentrated efforts by groups like Sleeping Giants to target the company’s advertisers, it remains the top-rated cable network during prime time.
    Fox News makes $1.8 billion from the carriage fees it charges cable TV providers to include the channel in bloated, increasingly expensive cable TV bundles. But just 3 million of the nation’s 90 million cable TV subscribers actively watch the channel. In other words, 87 million Americans pay their cable company for and thus subsidize Fox News—despite rarely if ever actually watching the channel.
    Sleeping Giants:

  17. 4therecord says:

    In 1939, 20,000 Nazi sympathizers staged a rally in Madison Square Garden in New York City with Nazi imagery displayed next to a portrait of George Washington. Walter Winchell couldn’t allow the event to go unnoticed by the American people and condemned it on his national radio program. Later, he criticized aviator Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee for it’s blatant antisemitism.

  18. Oh well says:

    Fox News did not bother to air Monday night’s meeting of the House committee investigating the 1/6 attack. Neither did Newsmax or One America News. So right-wing TV audiences did not hear when Rep. Liz Cheney revealed that some of Fox’s biggest stars pressed [Trump’s ex-chief of staff] Mark Meadows for help during the siege of the Capitol.

  19. Counting coup says:

    “Last month, two Fox News contributors quit the network to protest its descent into rank propaganda about Donald Trump and Jan. 6. Now that Fox has been drawn into the House select committee’s investigation of the assault on the Capitol, one of those defectors has broadened his indictment — in scathing fashion.
    The defector, writer Jonah Goldberg, just posted a new piece at the Dispatch that takes on Fox host Laura Ingraham over the news that she texted Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows on Jan. 6, urging Trump to call off the mob. “This is hurting all of us,” Ingraham warned.
    Goldberg’s response gets at a set of disputes that go beyond those over Trump’s culpability for Jan. 6 or over Fox’s role in driving the abandonment of democracy highlighted by those events. At issue are deeper questions about the MAGA movement — what’s driving it, where it’s going, and the GOP’s cynical incorporation of its ugliest, most destructive impulses.”
    “Donald Trump’s Megaphone : Fox News news hosts knew that Trump’s lies were lies—and they amplified them anyhow.”

  20. Co-conspirators says:

    Text messages — newly released by the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection — between Fox News hosts and former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, crystallize with new specificity just how tightly Fox News and the White House were entwined during the Trump years, with many of the network’s top hosts serving as a Cable Cabinet of unofficial advisers.

  21. 4theRecord says:

    “Fox News suddenly goes quiet on ‘great replacement’ theory after Buffalo shooting : Suspect was allegedly motivated by the theory, but network has barely mentioned gunman’s reasoning, even after Tucker Carlson pushed the concept in more than 400 of his shows” (Guardian UK)
    “Why Tucker Carlson Should Want the Buffalo Manifesto Made Public” (The Atlantic May 16, 2022)

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