Bumble Bee responds to Fake President’s lie about protesters

Bumble Bee Seafoods responded Tuesday to President Donald Trump’s fishy claim that protesters chucked cans of tuna at law enforcement officers during civil unrest prompted by the deaths of Black Americans in encounters with police…

Eat em. Don’t throw em,” the company said on its official Twitter account…

There have been no media reports of police being hit with cans of tuna.

Everyone knows Trump is the liar-in-chief. Even the obedient fools who follow him around to rallies and photo ops know that. Bigger the lies, the greater their idolatry swells.

“Dumber than a hoe handle” is the appropriate phrase, I believe.

Swiss skipped wars for 200 years — No need to upgrade their jet fighters!

The people of Switzerland will vote later this month on the future of their country’s fleet of fighter jets. The Swiss Air Force would like to replace its aging F/A-18 Hornet fighters, but opponents cite the fact that Switzerland has enjoyed two centuries of peace and is surrounded by friendly countries, making new jets an unnecessary purchase. The country will vote on the issue on September 27…

Switzerland plans to spend $6.6 billion on new airplanes, acquiring the first in 2025 and enough to retire all of the Hornets by 2030.

If Swiss parliamentarians can’t think of anything more useful to spend that amount of money on – I’d wager there are plenty of taxpayers, especially those with families, who would come up with suggestions.