Court OKs House Suit Over Trump Border Wall Funding

House Democrats’ lawsuit over the Trump administration’s reallocation of government funds to help pay for a U.S.-Mexico border wall has been revived by a federal appeals court in Washington.

The suit accused President Donald Trump of violating the constitution by proceeding with his wall without congressional approval and by using funds that Congress had appropriated for other purposes. A three-judge panel of the appeals court on Friday scrapped a lower-court decision that said the House didn’t have legal standing to challenge the transfer of funds.

“The Executive Branch has, in a word, snatched the House’s key out of its hands,” Judge David Sentelle wrote in a 24-page ruling. “The ironclad constitutional rule is that the Executive Branch cannot spend until both the House and the Senate say so.”

That whining noise you hear is Trump…acting like the spoiled rich boy he has always been. Stamp his little feet. Wave his little hands. Pee his pants over denial and frustration.

One thought on “Court OKs House Suit Over Trump Border Wall Funding

  1. Bilagáana says:

    “As Indigenous Protesters Take On Border Wall Construction, National Park Service Closes Road To Sacred Spring”
    “NPS closes route to Quitobaquito Springs : Closure comes a day after O’odham leaders held a cross-border ceremony at the spring.”
    Thirty-foot steel bollard panels are being erected across 30 miles of Organ Pipe. Sunday’s ceremony had O’odham from both sides off the border meet at an opening in the construction line that’s quickly disappearing.
    Seeing the changes on Sunday, Verlon Jose, former vice chairman of the Tohono O’odham Nation, said it’s impossible for outsiders to understand what this means to O’odham.
    “Let me get an iron blade and drag it across your heart, and maybe then you will understand what we feel and what we see here today,” he said.

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