One thought on “After selling your soul…

  1. Matthew 16:25 says:

    “The Republican Party made a choice over the last three years to sell their own souls and the fate of the country to a morally depraved grifter under the spell of a foreign tyrant. They did this in exchange for some tax cuts and especially for a bevy of judges. Why? Because first, the Republican Party exists to deliver tax cuts to its obscenely wealthy patrons; but second and more important, because the current Republican coalition is literally dying. It will be incapable of winning national elections from here on out absent a major realignment. Republican officials know that implicitly, and have done their best to stack the economy as far in favor of the rich as possible in anticipation of progressive reforms, and to stack the courts with as many Federalist Society extremist judges as possible to derail whatever progressive legislation they can.” David Atkins, Washington Monthly (12/21/19)
    “Judge Amy Coney Barrett sells her Christian soul to Donald Trump : Opinion: If she genuinely believed what she said in 2016 she would not accept a nomination to the Supreme Court.”
    EJ Montini Arizona Republic (9/26/20)
    “A Long List of GOP Senators Who Promised Not to Confirm a Supreme Court Nominee During an Election Year [in 2016] Mother Jones (9/18/20)

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