Something hip from TikTok…

Over the years, I feel like I’ve worked with a kajillion guys named Apodaca. Whether I was working warehouses here in NM or truckin’ from Cranberry bogs in RI. This brother is the coolest!

2 thoughts on “Something hip from TikTok…

  1. Warhol 15 says:

    “The Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” Skateboarder is seeing his dreams come full circle — the video of him swigging juice just helped launch his own line of cranberry drink … strictly for adults.
    Yep, Nathan Apodaca’s rolling out a cranberry flavored alcoholic beverage with BeatBox called Cranberry Dreams Cosmo
    …We’re told BeatBox is hawking Nathan’s signature beverage for $3.99 a pop and it’s launching Sunday in 2,000 liquor, grocery and convenience stores, including big chains like Kroger and Circle K.
    Nathan’s team says his drinks will also be available online by the end of the month. Something to keep in mind, though, before ya drink and ride — the Cranberry Dreams Cosmos are fully loaded … 11.1% alcohol, which is the equivalent of 4 light beers.” (TMZ 6/20/21)

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