We’re number 1, we’re number 1…

LA Times

The United States set a new all-time high for coronavirus cases confirmed in a single 24-hour period on Friday, reporting just over 100,000 new infections to surpass the record total of 91,000 posted a day earlier, according to a Reuters tally.

The daily caseload of 100,233 is also a world record for the global pandemic, surpassing the 97,894 cases reported by India on a single day in September.

Five times over past ten days, the United States has exceeded its previous single-day record of 77,299 cases registered in July. The number of daily infections reported during past two days indicates that the nation is now reporting more than one new case every second.

The spike comes just four days ahead of the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed nearly 230,000 people in the United States, has dominated the final stretch of the campaign.

Idjits who don’t accept the lead of science, the importance of scientific development of healthcare – are doomed to an early death compared to peers with common sense. The shame of it is that all too often they may be the decision-makers for a family. Dooming their spouse and children as well.

5 thoughts on “We’re number 1, we’re number 1…

  1. 4therecord says:

    President Trump claims country is ’rounding the corner’ amid new COVID-19 surges https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2020/10/30/president-trumps-campaign-rolls-into-pivotal-oakland-county/6075643002/
    Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is pushing back on President Trump’s repeated comments that the U.S. is “rounding the corner” on coronavirus. https://thehill.com/homenews/sunday-talk-shows/523851-gottlieb-pushes-back-on-trumps-comments-of-rounding-the-corner-on

    Flashback: “As news accounts from the front revealed just how badly the Vietnam War was going, and as more American soldiers returned home horribly maimed or in body bags — or not at all — reporters, politicians and voters began openly questioning the rosy narratives being painted by the president and his military leaders. Later, leaks like the Pentagon Papers would reveal just how aware Johnson was of the deteriorating situation in Vietnam, even as he proclaimed that victory was just around the corner.” https://cheddar.com/media/vietnam-war-deaths-ended-a-presidency-can-trump-survive-coronavirus-deaths
    (April 28, 2020): “On February 6, COVID-19 claimed its first victim on U.S. soil: a 57-year-old woman in Santa Clara County, California. On Tuesday, less than three months later, the death toll has surpassed the number of U.S. soldiers killed in combat during the nine-year-long Vietnam War (not including those killed outside the theater of war) https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/2020/04/coronavirus-death-toll-vietnam-war-cvd/

  2. Chunder says:

    “President Donald Trump is suggesting that he will fire Dr. Anthony Fauci after Tuesday’s election, as his rift with the nation’s top infectious disease expert widens while the nation sees its most alarming outbreak of the coronavirus since the spring.
    Speaking at a campaign rally in Opa-locka, Florida, Trump expressed frustration that the surging cases of the virus that has killed more than 231,000 people in the United States this year remains prominent in the news, sparking chants of “Fire Fauci” from his supporters.
    “Don’t tell anybody but let me wait until a little bit after the election,” Trump replied to thousands of supporters early Monday, adding he appreciated their “advice.” https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-donald-trump-pandemics-virus-outbreak-anthony-fauci-57c804db048aa7f1c99f227b495f52e6

    “Australia records zero Covid-19 cases for first time in five months” (11/1/20) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-54768038
    The state of Victoria – epicentre of Australia’s second wave – recorded zero cases for the second day in a row after a 112-day lockdown.
    The nation of 25 million adopted an approach of using lockdowns and proactive testing and tracing to contain the virus, and Victoria – where 90% of Covid deaths occurred – imposed some of the severest stay-at-home and curfew rules in the world.
    Victoria and its largest city Melbourne began to reopen earlier this week after recording no new community-transmitted cases since June. People were able to freely leave their homes, retail stores, restaurants, cafes and bars could reopen and groups of up to 10 could start gathering.
    Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews praised the state’s six million residents for following such strict rules and said they were well placed for a “Covid-normal Christmas”.

  3. Body count says:

    “The U.S. broke another record of daily coronavirus cases Thursday, topping 118,000 new infections in the second straight day with more than 100,000 new cases.
    Health officials have warned that the cold and flu season would spur alarming six-digit figures of cases, though the numbers have spiked sooner than expected, CNN reported.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an ensemble forecast update Thursday, estimating 266,000 total U.S. fatalities by the end of November.” https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/524746-us-again-breaks-daily-coronavirus-record-with-118k-new-cases
    “Former Donald Trump adviser and surrogate Steve Bannon banned by Twitter for calling for Fauci beheading.” https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/06/steve-bannon-banned-by-twitter-for-calling-for-fauci-beheading

  4. Hurrah says:

    “The Dakotas are ‘as bad as it gets anywhere in the world’ for COVID-19” https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/11/14/covid-19-north-south-dakota-masks-kristi-noem/6237635002/ “South Dakota welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to a massive motorcycle rally this summer, declined to cancel the state fair and still doesn’t require masks. Now its hospitals are filling up and the state’s current COVID-19 death rate is among the worst in the world.
    Meanwhile, as cases continue to grow at a similarly alarming rate in North Dakota, the state’s governor has supported allowing health care workers who have tested positive for COVID-19 to continue working if they don’t show symptoms. It’s a controversial move recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a crisis situation where hospitals are short-staffed.
    Late Friday, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum finally ordered a statewide mask mandate and imposed several business restrictions.
    But the states face a predictably tragic reality that health experts tell USA TODAY could have been largely prevented with public health actions — the same rules that could still save lives in the region now.
    See also https://www.foxnews.com/us/north-dakota-governor-announces-statewide-mask-mandate-as-coronavirus-cases-surge
    In other news: “North Dakota state legislative candidate David Andahl, dead from coronavirus, wins election” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/north-dakota-state-legislative-candidate-david-andahl-who-died-from-covid-19-wins-election

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