The New American Fascism

American fascism will be ultra-American. It will reject the atheism and statism of European models; it will be self-righteous, certain of its own innocence, and understand itself as libertarian. Nativist agrarianism goes to the heart of these American populist mythologies, as it did to the rhetoric of both Mussolini and Hitler, promising to regenerate the nation – to make it great again. It elevates an authentic, preferably rural, national folk and defines them as “real Americans”, while denying first the loyalty, then the citizenship, then the humanity of everyone else. That authoritarian, nativist solutions to political problems did not find traction in the US in the 1930s does not prove that they never could; American exceptionalism did not immunise it against fascism, and it had its own organically ­fascistic movements that enjoyed popular support and sought entrenched power ­during the interwar years.

A sound, informative and interesting article. Something the average American isn’t likely to read. Certainly not in their local newspaper. A useful addition to your mental stack of political history and analysis.

Or do you think the bigots, hate-filled profiteers and just plain fools marching behind the figurehead of Donald Trump will vanish in a puff of stage-magician smoke when he finishes losing his re-election bid?

5 thoughts on “The New American Fascism

  1. Artifactual says:

    Re: “Mussolini Speaks” (1933): “This picture is dedicated to a man of the people whose deeds for his people will ever be an inspiration to all mankind.” (opening caption) Narration by Lowell Thomas, produced and distributed by Columbia Pictures
    10:04 clip from “Mussolini Speaks”

  2. 4therecord says:

    “GOP leaders’ embrace of Trump’s refusal to concede fits pattern of rising authoritarianism, data shows : Research by a team of international scholars shows the Republican Party’s shift away from democratic norms predates Donald Trump but has accelerated since”
    “The Real Threat of Trump’s Ridiculous Coup Attempt : Republicans are extending their position that Democrats in power are illegitimate to suggest that Democrats voting shouldn’t count either.”
    “How to cover a coup — or whatever it is Trump is attempting”
    “Amid Pentagon upheaval, military officers face a fraught few months”

  3. Santayana says:

    “The Silenced Majority : Can America still afford democracy?”
    Rana Dasgupta argues in ‘The Silent Majority’ that Trump’s theatrical contempt for American democracy is a symptom of a disintegration that was under way well before he took office—and one that will likely continue long after he’s gone. The United States came to mass political participation “recently and reluctantly,” Dasgupta explains, thanks largely to postwar economic conditions that are no longer operative. If American democracy turns out to be short-lived, the likely cause of its demise won’t be fascism but postindustrial capitalism. And if we want to understand the threat to democracy, we would do best to look not to 1930s Germany but to eighteenth-century England and America.
    See also “How Big Business Bailed Out the Nazis : A tragic tale of what can go wrong when profits are entangled with politics.” (Brennan Center 2016)

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